beer girl one act play

beer girl one act play

An index of comedic one-act plays. Comedies | Dramas | Playwrights | Cast-Size: ONE-ACT PLAYS: COMEDIES. 10, 4 f. Amorica - Nick Zagone. 4 m., 3 f. The Angel Intrudes - Floyd Dell. 3 m., 1 f. The Battle of the Bards - Theocritus. 3 m. Beer Girl - Walter Wykes, 1 m., 2 f. The Beggar and the King - Winthrop Parkhurst. 3 m. Bloody Mary. The play is the basis for operas by Dominick Argento (The Boor, ) and William Walton (The Bear, ). It was also the inspiration for the second act of the musical A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine. It was adapted for an episode of the radio show On Stage in Genre: vaudeville/farce comedy. Beer Girl. by Walter Wykes. Directed by Richard Cohen Assistant Director: Ivelina Ilieva “Why did Michelangelo make David? Why did da Vinci make the Mona Lisa?” This short, one act play is a three character humorous exploration of the themes of love, sex, freedom and alcoholism. We promise you have never seen anything like it!

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Her footman, Luka, begins the play by begging Popova to stop mourning and step outside the estate. You're not like the others. Hackett Publishing Company, View script as PDF. Smirnov argues that women are incapable of loving "anybody except a lapdog", to which Popova argues that she wholeheartedly loved her husband although he cheated on her and disrespected her. The Proposal - Anton Chekhov.

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The play takes place in the drawing room of Elena Ivanovna Popova's estate on the seven-month anniversary of her husband's death. Smirnov gets angered by her refusal to pay him back and mocks the supposed 'mourning' of her husband, saying:. The Bear' s comedy derives from the characters' lack of self-knowledge. Because he is a landowner, Smirnov explains that he needs the sum paid to him on that same day to pay for the mortgage of a house due the next day. You're like my other half. Luka overhears their conversation, gets frightened for his mistress, and goes off to find someone to help put an end to their feud before anyone gets hurt.

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Smirnov decides that he will not leave the estate until his debts are paid off, even if that means waiting until the day after tomorrow. A Matter of Husbands - Ferenc Molnar. The Incompatibles - Horace Holley. Maybe we should give it one more try, Bob. The Proposal - Anton Chekhov. Views Read Edit View history.

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