best movies playing in toronto

best movies playing in toronto

Movies now playing in theatres in Toronto. Sort movies by user ratings, release date, or alphabetically. Toronto movies and showtimes. Get the latest movie times for all Toronto cinemas. Movies now playing in Toronto. Toronto movies and movie times. Find out what movies are now playing in Toronto cinemas. Toronto, ON Movies - Find out what movies are now playing in Toronto, ON. Showtimes, movie trailers, Toronto, ON cinema locations and movie reviews.

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Where to see it: Stream it on Netflix Watch the trailer. Honestly, his loss. A father Deng Chao deviates from his fellow countrymen's usual style of acceptable parenting by encouraging his son to follow his dreams This isn't something he likes or even wants to Casey Jesse Eisenberg , a meek and timid man, is attacked at random on the street. Peele's theme-park ride sense of pacing, particularly in a mid-movie sequence scored to the music of the Beach Boys and N. Booksmart Released: May 24 Cast: Beanie Feldstein, Kaitlyn Dever, Billie Lourd, Jason Sudeikis Director: Olivia Wilde Why it's great: The college-obsessed, socially challenged honor roll students at the center of Booksmart , Olivia Wilde's dutifully funny and disarmingly sweet high school comedy, are always looking to optimize their experiences.

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Compared to his last two films starring Kristen Stewart, the moving meta showbiz drama Clouds of Sils Maria or the haunting existential mystery Personal Shopper , Non-Fiction is both more broadly comedic in its content and slightly stodgier in its form. Fyre Released: January 18 Director: Chris Smith American Movie Why it's great: The superior of the two Fyre Festival documentaries released earlier this year, Fyre is a fiendishly paced, carefully constructed procedural about the work project from hell. Detective Pikachu voice of Ryan Reynolds wakes up in the middle of nowhere with amnesia and the only clue he has to his past is a name and Gliding down through neighborhoods on his skateboard, Jimmie Fails, who also shares a writing credit on the film is a wry, curious presence in the city he calls home. The film is based on true stories taking place during Sino-Japanese war in Shanghai, China, in , the battle and protection of the Si Less elegant than the conceptually air-tight Get Out , Us explodes in a million directions and raises questions that simply can't be answered.

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With Katie Ellie Kemper now married and raising a child, Max's Patton Oswalt family has grown even larger, and so have his fears. When a Category 5 hurricane hits Florida and authorities order locals to evacuate, Haley Keller Kaya Scodelario stays behind to search for Katherine Newbury Emma Thompson , a late-night talk show host with 28 years of experience, has won an impressive total of 43 Emmy awards The comedy that comes from watching Awkwafina's New York City-dwelling Billi travel to China, where she cares for her cancer-stricken grandmother Shuzhen without revealing the nature of her illness, is just as well-observed as the more conventionally dramatic moments that arrive later in the film as her relatives attempt to untangle the farcical, tragic moral situation they find themselves in. In the peaceful town of Centreville, three police officers investigate the mauling of townsfolk in a local diner. When we first meet Qiao Tao and Bin Fan , they are fellow travelers in a seedy, small-time criminal underworld, one where "YMCA" dances can break out at crowded clubs and thrilling fist-fights can erupt in city streets, like in a Hong Kong action movie from the '90s. The story is mostly silly -- Wick has been declared "excommunicado" by the order of assassins he used to belong to and must seek out old allies across the globe -- but Reeves and his collaborators, including series director Stahelski and the top-notch stunt team, never lose sight of the core elements that make Wick tick.

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