best wow character to play

best wow character to play

I like playing WoW and I would like to know what the best combination is in your opinion. Thanks for your advice! Sep 27,  · There is no really 'best class', all classes are designed so they have an equal balance. Now, my personal opinion would be a Paladin or a Shaman, Paladin's because they rock in both PvE and PvP, especially PvP, can perform all three roles, wear plate, and have pretty awesome transmog. Dec 04,  · By opinion, which character would be the best character for me to start out with if I am completely new to WoW. Also, what is a nice build to have on a char. I am not a noob to these TYPE of games, just to WoW itself. Don't condescend me, just answer to the best of your abilityStatus: Resolved. Answer: One of the many great things about the game is that you can't name the best character to play because it's all based on your own individual game play and what you would like to do in the game. Comment by Darthflamel Death knights and demon hunters are considered “hero” classes meaning that they start at a higher level than other classes as a death knight you start off at level 55 and demon hunters start off at 98 the only catch is that you must already have leveled a toon to said levels to unlock them and play Vills. Apr 07,  · Hi guys. Just started playing wow a week ago and having some fun levelling. But now I've been stuck on what class to play. I'm going to be mostly solo questing for the most part (not interested in PvP or endgame stuff atm) but I'm worried about how well a mage will do at the later levels. Mar 23,  · Welcome to /r/wow, a subreddit about the video game World of Warcraft! Announcements. What is the best class to play solo on? submitted 3 years ago by Dewey The best for that is DRUID (which is the best for anything related with farming). And also Warr is a very good mention since you cannot die and have tons of AOE the only.

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They are often the first ones in and the last ones out in a fight. Tired of healing and want to try out tanking? Close-range combat is not a strength for Hunters and is avoided as much as possible. Discipline and Holy priests are powerful healers , while Shadow priests are potent damage-dealers comparable to Affliction warlocks. Input your username, which is the email that you used when you signed up for World of Warcraft. Role is largely determined by specialization , with each specialization designed to perform a specific role.

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Mages cannot do significant damage with melee or ranged weapons, so if they run out of mana they are relatively powerless Wands might be useful for pumping out more damage while waiting for Mana to regenerate, but their DPS is pathetic compared to nearly all other weapons of the same level. Game terms category Glossary category Acronyms category Abbreviations category Terminology. PTR Live Classic. Priests have abilities like [ Psychic Scream ] for when things get out of hand, but need to stand back from the fray if they wish to show their true potential, and are more dependent on help from other players than some classes. With lightning reflexes these indefatigable fighters leap and roll across the battlefield, using their martial prowess to overpower opponents with a combination of speed and deadly accuracy. Monks have a number of hybrid abilities that combine damage and healing, and also make use of stationary statues and a range of herbal brews to empower their abilities.

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All of the trees provide speedy, efficient kills, little downtime, and a very active and energetic experience. Paladins are also well-known for their range of buffs and support spells, and are arguably the strongest support class in the game. The advantage to a druid, however, is that afterward you can simply pop back into caster form, fire off a couple HOTs on yourself, then shift back into cat, stealth, and go right on killing. Your character has two equipment slots for trinkets. Keep trying new classes until you find something you really enjoy, or just keep switching between characters as the mood takes you. What is the best version for World of Warcraft?

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