betrayal legacy how to play

betrayal legacy how to play

Nov 06,  · In this week’s How to Play, host Becca Scott teaches Betrayal Legacy by Avalon Hill. In this extended format players craft the house’s iconic history to tell a new scary story. Learn more about Betrayal Legacy on the Avalon Hill site, and pick it up at any quality game retailer. Betrayal Legacy consists of a prologue and a thirteen-chapter story that takes place over decades. Players represent families, with specific members of a family participating in one story, then perhaps an older version of those characters (assuming they lived) or their descendants showing up in later stories. Dec 14,  · Betrayal Legacy does not have a way to play non legacy at the start. This is the version to get. The intro game teaches you everything you need to know and does a really good job at it. You can jump right in and let the legacy games slowly ramp without fear (other than the fact that there is a traitor among you). Nov 17,  · I had a nagging suspicion that they would try a legacy version after seeing Rob Daviau do Pandemic Legacy 1 & 2, Risk Legacy, and the "Legacy Haunt" from Widow's Walk. Those of you who played the original Betrayal and/or Widow's walk and remember the haunts being poorly written should try Betrayal at Baldur's Gate. Betrayal Legacy takes the concept of Betrayal at House on the Hill and expands it over the course of 13 (14 if you count the prologue) games. The prologue starts in the appropriately spooky year Author: Bob Fekete.

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If the top tile can't go on the region you're currently on, bury it. Do not change how the tiles are connected; move each region as a whole. Select a figure to represent you and place it into a base matching the color of your Family card. Some haunts in Legacy can also have balancing issues similar to the ones found in the original. Some tiles start with ghosts on them. Every character you play is related to the ones from previous games or you can play the same character if they managed to survive. When you first discover a tile with one of these symbols, draw a card with the matching symbol.

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That counts as taking physical or mental damage, depending on the trait. The haunt will note this. Moves are used most often to travel to an adjacent tile or to discover a new tile. Attach four plastic clips to your character's Family card. For example, haunt 72 might tell you to go to entry if the heroes win or entry if the traitor wins.

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At this point, one player usually becomes a traitor bent on defeating the rest of the players. Stunned monsters aren't obstacles. Skip all text in the monster box for a stunned monster, even mandatory reaction text. So what do you think? Once the haunt begins, traits can drop to the skull. Each group's journey and history of the house will be unique.

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