billy the kid playing croquet

billy the kid playing croquet

Jan 26,  · In the show, Gibson states he used facial recognition technology to compare known photos of Charlie Bowdre, Tom Folliard, Sallie Chisum and Billy the Kid to the figures in the Croquet Kid shot. Gibson concludes the people in the tintype are most likely them. Oct 14,  · The juggernaut of publicity for the National Geographic Channel show airing on Sunday, October 18, is nothing short of phenomenal. We started getting e-mail requests last week about the alleged new photograph of outlaw Billy the Kid, which we . A 4"x 6" ferrotype purchased at a memorabilia shop in Fresno, California in has been claimed to show Bonney and members of the Regulators playing croquet. If authentic it is the only known photo of Billy the Kid and the Regulators together and the only image to Born: Henry McCarty, September 17 or November 23, . For the last six years the hypothetical scenario just outlined has been the daily reality of Randy Guijarro, a man who by now many in the western memorabilia world know well as the owner of the Billy the Kid Croquet tintype and viewers of the documentary "Billy the Kid: The New Evidence", which airs frequently on the National Geographic Channel, know as perhaps the luckiest antique "picker" Whitny Braun, Phd. Nov 22,  · A photograph has emerged of what is believed to be the only image of Billy the Kid and his killer Pat Garrett together - and could be worth millions. The pair were once friends who gambled and Author: Barney Henderson. Nov 26,  · New image shows Billy the Kid playing croquet. who would ever have thought of Billy being dressed in fine clothes whilst playing croquet, also, every time someone provides something new about Billy then it challenges long held beliefs and people have to rethink what they know and that includes those that consider themselves to be 'experts.

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February He tried to stay with his stepfather, and then fled from New Mexico Territory into neighboring Arizona Territory , making him both an outlaw and a federal fugitive. Charges and countercharges. But even before it aired, people associated with the show told True West they had proved and authenticated that the tintype was the real McCoy. Special Projects.

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October 14, Historians have not found any written or oral record that this gathering, at that time and location, took place. After leaving Antrim, McCarty traveled to southeastern Arizona Territory , where he worked as a ranch hand and gambled his wages in nearby gaming houses. He also felt the person believed to be Charlie Bowdre in the photo strongly matched known photos of the famous gunman. At best, this scenario significantly narrows the date for the photograph. Salt Lake City.

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History Channel. May 14, Its tough for me to understand how someone can sit safe in their office in San Francisco, protected by technology like that used in our film but then claim that same technology is incapable of matching William Bonney from two, usable sources. Retrieved August 28, In February , historian Robert Stahl petitioned a district court in Fort Sumner asking the state of New Mexico to issue a death certificate for Bonney. He lived with a gun in his hand — and sometimes, it seems, a croquet mallet. These are just some of the facts and findings we uncovered over years of research and work on this photo. At that time it was the most expensive photo ever sold at auction. The two sides engaged in a social media bloodbath.

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