blu ray play regular dvd

blu ray play regular dvd

The reason that DVD player cannot play Blu-ray disc lies that, the DVD player is specifically designed for DVD's red laser, not for Blu-ray's blue laser. Likewise, the DVD player is available to play CD as it is also implemented red laser. Jun 24,  · When you play a DVD in a Blu-ray Disc player, you can view it at standard DVD resolution or have the player upscale the DVD signal to p/i/p and, on some players, 4K that will be a better match for viewing on an HDTV or 4K Ultra HD TV. Blu-ray players not only play standard DVDs, but they also upconvert the DVD to give it a look closer to true high definition. A Blu-ray player is best paired with a television that has p definition. Apr 29,  · Best Answer chosen by philray Yes, blu-ray players will play standard Video DVD's, not to mention audio CD's as well. Dec 11,  · Using it with a Blu-ray player (PS4), with a regular blu-ray (which is p): I get a pretty damn good picture, but it is displayed at the same resolution of the blu-ray, so there is no difference at all if you play it on a p or 4k TV. If the source is only p, you get only that (UNLESS the player or the TV have a special ‘p blu-ray’ upscale option, but that is entirely up to the specific . Sep 19,  · I have the same problem with a Samsung Blu-Ray player. It played standard DVDs just fine for about 4 months. Then it stopped playing certain ones. After 6 months, it stopped playing all DVDs. But Blu-Ray plays perfectly fine. I called Samsung and the guy said the DVD lens is broke.

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A Blu-ray disc player houses two laser assemblies:. If thats the case, probably easier to just buy a cheap dvd player just for his discs. Checked their web site and there is one there to help playback of some dvd's. I have the same problem with a Samsung Blu-Ray player. Share Pin Email. I called Samsung and the guy said the DVD lens is broke. This should be done on a regular basis. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules.

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Home Theater Gallery: 4. Find More Posts by pony exp. Then it stopped playing certain ones. Reporting: Will blu-ray players play a regular dvd? While up converting regular DVD does look better than it does in p, the true BR high def disc blows it away. Find More Posts by Tinman

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This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Buyers Guides. Also, with the audio capabilities of Blu-ray Disc players, your CDs will sound great too. If the DVD was released for a different region than the regions supported by the Blu-ray player, the player might not read the disc. Ironically, the reason I bought them today was because I didn't want to have to watch TV shows on my computer Mark Forums Read. Duke Taber.

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