bronn quotes game of thrones

bronn quotes game of thrones

Total Nerd The Best Bronn Quotes. Thanks to George R. R. Martin, HBO’s Game of Thrones is filled with tons of interesting and complex characters. Whether they are main characters of the show or GoT supporting characters, each person has delivered memorable quotes from Game of Thrones. Here are the best Bronn quotes. A sellsword who comes. Bronn Quotes. Jaime Lannister: You should be happy to go back. Bronn: There's nothing like a good fight to get you in the mood for fucking. And there's nothing like a fuck-mad Dornish girl to clear your head for the next fight. It's how the two work together. And we're gonna do a lot of fighting, I . This Bronn Quote is rated: 4 from: 7 votes A cloak slows you down in a fight. Makes it hard to move quietly, and the gold catches the light, so you're nice and easy to spot at night. Mar 20,  · 65 best Game of Thrones quotes: 'I won't be knitting by the fire while I have men fight for me'. Previous slide Next slide 52 of 66 View All Skip Ad. Bronn: Listen to me, c till I get what I'm owed, a dragon doesn't get to kill you. You don't get to kill you! Only I get to kill you! Season 7, episode 5. Aug 30,  · 14 Times ‘Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater’ Proved He Was The Sassiest MoFo Alive In The 7 Kingdoms. , quotes, game of thrones season 7 From Game Of Thrones Author: Tatsam Mukherjee. Find and save ideas about Bronn quotes game of thrones on Pinterest. See more ideas about Bronn, Game of Thrones and Game of thrones stuff. Bronn plays a drinking game with Tyrion. Bronn finds Tyrion a whore named Shae amongst the camp-followers. The three of them play drinking games on the eve of the Battle of the Green Fork. Bronn: The Dornish are crazy. All they want to do is fight and fuck, fuck and fight. Jaime Lannister: You should be happy to go back. Bronn: There's nothing like a good fight to get you in the mood for fucking. And there's nothing like a fuck-mad Dornish girl to clear your head for the next fight.

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During a sword training sparring session on the Red Keep's riverside, Bronn implores Jaime to visit his brother in the dungeon. On the way back, Bronn asks Dickon Tarly for his honest opinion about war, and is amused at the young lord's lack of frontline combat experience. A Man Without Honor. Outtalking them. Bronn only barely manages to say it and she throws him the antidote, which he drinks, apparently making him feel better. Tyrion muses that he may have to kill the Mountain himself, joking that it would make for a great song.

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A huge number of memorable quotes from one of the most likable, interesting and developed characters in Game of Thrones. Tyene reveals that she had coated her knives with poison and it is slowly killing him, but shows that she has the antidote and will only give it to him if he says she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Kill a few hundred people, they make you a lord. From his snappy one-liners to his crude sarcasm, Bronn has always kept it real, for which we are eternally grateful. Davos Seaworth. So while he is the king of snark, he also uses his words to logic with unreasonable people and create a better world.

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Good News! How do you want to go? After a slight smirk, Tyrion tells Bronn it's good to see him, to which the sellsword replies with a smile, "Yeah, you too. Yet, viewers know who eventually offs whom in this tense father-son combo. Despite himself, he develops a grudging admiration and liking for Tyrion's craftiness and cunning, not to mention the gold it gets him. You put yourself at risk. When he downright berated Jaime and his army, in the face of a compliment.

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