bully nerd challenge save game

bully nerd challenge save game

The challenge is for Jimmy to play ConSumo on the arcade machine, and beat Fatty's high score of lbs, or on the Anniversary Edition. He gets as many tries as he likes - it is free to play the game in this mission. If Jimmy beats the high score, the Nerds are impressed. Hi there. Would somebody have a save for chapter 3. The Nerd Challenge just after the consumo game beatting fatty's high score please? I just cannot get past it. Jan 20,  · 3. 8 - Jealous Johnny. Nerd Challenge. 3. Cook's Date. 3. 1. Results of bully scholarship edition save game chapter 2: Free download software, Free Video dowloads, Free Music downloads, Free Movie downloads, Games. Bully scholarship edition save game chapter 3 (Free Download) Loading. D on Bully: Scholarship Edition PC message board and forum. Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_LOGIN\Documents\Bully Scholarship Edition\ Language: French: Difficulty level: By default: Version of the game: Third party software: Chordian - frvi4.net - LTF Abandonware France. Save for Bully Scholarship Edition. Post Views: , Savegame for Bully Scholarship Edition The game passed by %! – Complete all story missions – Complete all the secondary missions – 5 levels in all classes – Failed all 5 lessons – All gum (75shk) – All cards (45shk). 2. Select the "frvi4.net" process and change "4 Bytes" to "FLoat" 3. Find nearest Consumo Mini game (Tent at the Carnival or Nerd Challenge) 4. Play untily until you get score of then Alt+Tab to Cheat Engine 5. Scan the game for then switch back to game and score one point by eating one item then Alt+Tab to Cheat Engine 6. The Nerds are one of the five school cliques at Bullworth Academy. Earnest Jones leads the Nerds and rules the clique with an iron fist. The game itself implies there is no second in command. However, game data files and the game strategy guide both suggest that Melvin O'Connor fills this role. Aug 23,  · Bully (Scholarship Edition) % completed Save Game Hi, I accidentaly formated my PC and it took me a long time to find the save game, so if there is anyone out there who has the same problem feel free to download the save game here.

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After twenty rats, Jimmy checks the crates and the mission is. There are quite a few. Where you have to collect Lola's items.. Why are you reporting this comment? He's easier than the Russell fight, though, because you.

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Do this until he is defeated. When you take them all down, you complete the task. Go down the hall all the way to find Bucky. After the cutscene, head to the. The closer you are at making the icon fit.

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Tag the wall where the yellow. Guest answered: Added 28th Dec , ID Home PlayStation 2 Bully Questions. Earnest to set up. Talk to the next nerd agent, Melvin. You receive money as compensation for your efforts.

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