cat throwing up but still playful

cat throwing up but still playful

Poisoning, unfortunately, is a very common cause of sudden vomiting in kitties. If you have a cat suddenly start throwing up – especially if she doesn't do it often – you should be concerned she has ingested something toxic. Common household toxins for cats are plants. He had not thrown up again until this week when he has thrown up 3 times, along with one hairball. He is happy, playful and runs around right afterwards. He eats well or the same and his bowel habits are totally the same. He does not have diarrhea. I am so worried that . I have a two year old male cat who has been vomiting bile for two full days. He eats and throw up his food immediately. He is still throwing up with an empty stomach. It is yellow and has some small amounts of hair in it. I have two other cats who are not throwing up. He is still eating and drinking. Cat vomiting is always a concern to pet owners who wonder if it indicates something serious. Unless you see your cat vomiting bile or blood, however, most causes of cat vomit are relatively easy to treat. Some will require professional treatment by a veterinarian.

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A cat's pancreas sometimes doesn't produce enough lipase, protease, and amylase, which creates a chronic or acute low-grade case of pancreatitis. If you've got just one kitty but she's a gobbler, you may need to split her meals into smaller portions and feed her more often so the food doesn't come right back up. Most importantly and whatever you do, don't allow your veterinarian to simply offer drugs that suppress the vomiting without addressing the underlying root cause. Recovery of Vomiting With Bile in Cats. It may take several days to over a week for the results of these tests to be returned to your vet. He also is a Maine Coon mix and, therefore, has quite a bit of hair. Has Symptoms not pooping. I do not know if it was after he ate or not, or whether it was too fast.

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I worry about using any type of extermination around cats. Most of us can't afford a phone call to the vet, let alone an office visit. If your kitty acts fine, is a healthy weight, doesn't seem ill and has a normal energy level, but just throws up occasionally, you should consider a food allergy as the possible cause. Cats that are too hungry may eat too quickly. Over the …. Pug puppy plays on a baby mat.

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What does that leave? Has Symptoms Weight Loss. I've tried her on a hypoallergenic diet and she's not responding. Two months ago, he vomited two or three times in one week. If any other use is desired, permission in writing from Mercola. Thank you. Everything she eats for the last two days, she brings back up. Cat vomiting is always a concern to pet owners who wonder if it indicates something serious. However, this section of our website focuses on cat vomiting that originates from GI problems such as cat hairballs, feline constipation, feline food allergies, and feline inflammatory bowel disease.

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