enders game chapter 6 quotes

enders game chapter 6 quotes

So everything depends on how you push off, the course you set when you start. It means we’re going to have to get very good at controlling our launches and rebounds or we’re all going to end up floating around in the middle of nowhere. Ender noticed that it was assumed that Bernard and Alai were. Chapter 6: The Giant's Drink Summary. Graff is talking with another high military authority, possibly the same person to whom he speaks in the beginning of the previous chapter. Their conversation focuses around the fact that Ender appears to be in trouble. Ender Chapter 6 quotes - Shahriar Shams-Ansari Enders He has resigned himself to being like his brother Peter, and it is the thing that he fears most. For Ender, to be like Peter is to be like Satan, yet as much as he may hope that he is not like his brother, with every slight action reminiscent of Peter, Author: Deaconiceguineapig Ender’s Game Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis. In a sense, Graff’s priority is defeating the Buggers with Ender and Ender alone, while his superiors’ priority is keeping the Battle School strong and well-functioning, in the hopes that many good commanders will graduate from it. It’s unclear why Graff is given so much leeway and authority, then. Transcript of Ender's Game Quotes. This quote is thought by Ender. The quote shows that people do not like to lose, no matter what the circumstance. Card states,"And so, with no thought of consequences, he jumped off the ledge," (73). Card states, "'That's why . Chapter 6, pg 61 Quote " His desk would go dark, 'Free Play Over' would march around the desk, and Ender would lie back and tremble until he could finally go to sleep." Chapter 6, pg The Giant's Drink. Ender is stuck on the Giant’s Drink, where his character (a mouse) is challenged by a giant: the giant will take Ender to Fairyland if Ender can choose which of two drinks isn’t poison. Except both drinks are always poison. Ender does the obvious . Theme 2: Violent actions can lead to emotional strain Throughout the novel, Ender learns many battleroom tactics from various people he comes in contact with throughout his schooling. These tactics help him improve his skills in the battleroom and help improve his overall rate of.

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His desk would go dark, 'Free Play Over' would march around the desk, and Ender would lie back and tremble until he could finally go to sleep. It only takes twenty minutes before everyone else is frozen—and Bernard, Shen, Ender, and Alai now seem to have become friends. Chapter 10 Quotes. All your tricks worked. How can we improve?

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Quote "Whatever it meant to Alai, Ender knew that it was sacred; that he had uncovered himself for Ender Heroic music, closeups If I had to go through it myself, it would crush me. Quote 5: "Knocking him down won the first fight. Chapter 8: Rat.

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View the Lesson Plans. Tell us! Page Number and Citation : 34 Cite this Quote. Look at the all-time standings. A twelve-year-old to solve all our problems. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Ender's isolation was over.

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