fable 3 save game pc

fable 3 save game pc

Mar 27,  · [PC] Fable 3 Game Save. Aurora, female characters good magic, weapons and abilities, lot of money. Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Lionhead Type: Action / Role Playing. Description: Fable III is an action-oriented role-playing game for the PC. Fifty years have passed since the second album.1/5(1). Oct 23,  · Buy them there off of amazon. then in your amazon games library (there may be a link to it in your purchase details) there will be codes for your fable 3 games etc. then go to your steam app and click in the corner where it says add game. Sep 20,  · I have Fable 3 installed on my D drive, but the game saves go to the system drive (C) as the default (not changeable, and it doesn't follow the game .

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Hopefully you will figure it out. I hope Microsoft brings Fable 3 and all the dlc to steam. I tried again switching to a lower resolution but it still fails when saving at the guild seal. This looks like a problem for the Fable three devs. But if anyone figures out how to get it at this point through g4wl ingame some way let me know i would love to use it.

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I then tried transfering all my GFWL files from the laptop to my pc, started the client, said it was there was missing files, then directed me to a fresh install and i now I'm back at error code 0x again. Last edited by El Presidente ; 20 Sep, pm. Are you a huge fan of some game? Just a couple of minutes to do so by downloading and adding the Game Save Files features. Install Steam. It also says it works witht the cd version.

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There is also a save editor on there but that requires the xlive disabler. I then installed fable 3 on my laptop, where GFWL is already installed, and i got it to activate and play just fine. Global Achievements. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I dont know wether online co-op works still in this game due to g4wl is still restricting for example in the co-op room of the sanctuary you can no longer buy and download the extra dlc from in there such as the free weapons. Did you try to re-verify your game cache?

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