family reunion games to play

family reunion games to play

Top 10 Family Reunion Games. Because kids are so easy to entertain, and because games for adults are harder to find, the activities included here are appropriate for a wide range of ages. Both children and their parents will have a great time at reunions when you put these creative ideas to Nathan Chandler & John Kelly. Family Reunion Party Games. Add a few ridiculous relay races for extra fun like pass the eggs, carry cotton on a spoon, one-legged race, and so on. The kids can also play Silly Sports. For example, they can golf with their feet instead of a golf club, or play baseball with a broom instead of a bat. Even if you're not the family reunion planner, it's still a good idea to go to the family reunion PREPARED with a few activities, games and props for those dull moments. Time is too precious to waste! My favorite grab-and-go props include: a beanbag; deck of cards; ball; paper and marker.

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You can play with a traditional game set or come up with your own list of things to act out. Credit: Russell Lee; Library of Congress. Set up an area where people can gather between activities and meals to do crafts. By Mary Harrell-Sesniak May 6, Scavenger Hunt This is a game that is usually relatively inexpensive and time-consuming, good for both kids and parents. The funniest "dummy" is the winner.

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So start creating lifetime memories! Play Ball Group ball games are some of the best family reunion activities because they allow everyone to play together. I'm so excited about my most recent find! These games were super fun and all the family members enjoyed it! Use cars, busses or even arrange a hay ride. Please reread the blog to see what this entails.

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All players have to put spoons in their mouths. Fold rope in half and pull it through the hole and make a knot at the bottom part of the board. Remember, the reaction at the very beginning is really important! Family Reunion. Games Submitted by Site Visitors. You can create categories such as: Love and Marriage Work Life Sports Art and History Middle Names Detention what different people have gotten in trouble for over the years—stick to minor, funny offenses And here are some sample trivia questions: Grandma came to the U.

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