family reunion trivia game ideas

family reunion trivia game ideas

Family Reunion Trivia Game can be run in two versions. Prior to the reunion (or during the event if you have time), find out some fun and interesting trivia for each person. Record the trivia and the name of the person, but keep the list secret so that no one except the organiser knows it. Version 1 This version requires a little more work. Family Trivia. Send a questionnaire to all family members before the reunion so you can collect information. This will help you compile the list of trivia questions to ask during the reunion. During the gathering, split the group into several teams—the size and . Questions to Ask at a Family Reunion to Stump People. A family reunion is a trivia game at your fingertips. It's a time when people of all ages can learn from one another. You can use your family history to compile trivia questions for competitive games or for a casual discussion. Questions can start out easy, but the fun is in the ones that really. Jul 05,  · Wilson Family Jeopardy The Wilson Family has a bi-annual tradition of encouraging its family members to participate in homemade, online trivia. ’s theme is Wilson Family History & Black History. Click here to view a PDF version of the trivia in its entirety. Reunion trivia Tailor questions to each reunion. Questions should teach and entertain. best Family Reunion Decoration Ideas images by. PIn it on the family game! An awesome Family Reunion game to help mingle the families! Complete with game prompts and a 16 piece full color set of 3" buttons. Available exclusively through See more. Family reunions inspire both excitement and dread. Most people take pleasure in reuniting with loved ones they haven't seen in a long time. Other attendees worry about interpersonal conflicts, the stress of forgetting names, or the potential for hours and hours of all-encompassing boredom.. Large family gatherings vary in style from family to Nathan Chandler & John Kelly. Getting To Know You Ice Breaker Game for Your Family Reunion Family Reunion Bingo A fun, traditional ice breaker game for your family reunion is the “Find Someone Who ” game. Family reunion ideas and activities scavenger hunt ideas (with printable checklists) to do right now with your kids. A homemade family trivia game is a perfect family reunion activity. You can model this game after the popular "Trivial Pursuit" game or just about any other popular game format. One of the easiest ways to plan it is to ask family members to send you (via email or ask for them upon arrival) to give you trivia questions about themselves and.

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Ring Toss — Create your own horseshoes using the materials you have inside the house and getting some 3 inch embroidery hoops. Pershing; Library of Congress. Family Trivia Send a questionnaire to all family members before the reunion so you can collect information. Discussion of real and bogus "facts" continued throughout the reunion. Who celebrated their 50th anniversary? It helps keep the memories fresh!

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I promise to use it only to send you Family Game Newsletter. Video Scavenger Hunt — Instead of doing just a regular scavenger hunt, each member of the family should be given a camera or video camera to PROVE they found the items. A slight dose of foolishness is fun, but don't get too silly. W hen planning family reunion activities, don't forget to include games and activities to share family memories and heritage. You've done the impossible and scheduled a time when the whole family can get together. Some are raucous events with hundreds of people, while others are much smaller and more reserved.

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This game is perfect because it allows each individual to relax and get in the groove of having fun with each other! They also enjoy drawings, family bingo cards, sack races for the kids, family calendars, family photos, signs, family cookbook, a talent show and presents for achievements during the year. Off to the side, set up a home video camera that is focused on one single chair It helps keep the memories fresh! Hopscotch — Make a hopscotch board using tape and burlap.

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