famous archers in video games

famous archers in video games

Top Rated Lists for murasaki_nichirin 30 items Best Archers in Video Games 40 items Best Gun Slingers in Video Games 27 items New DLC Characters for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale items Best Japanese PS3 Characters 80 items Best Japanese PS3 Villains. 44 rows · This article contains a list of notable archers from modern-day, historical, and fictional sources.

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Having heavy draw weight also provides to shoot at long ranges. I love playing fantasy games to escape reality. But they also have a special howling arrow that create a scary sound to disorient the enemy army and cause panic. There are more than thirty types of bows in Skyrim. He was a Belgian who born in She has incredible archery skill. According to the legend, he even used plague-infected arrows to destroy the enemy army in the Trojan War. Thief is a great game for you.

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She is a skilled thief with a loose moral compass, robbing the rich to provide a vast array of shiny baubles for her own enjoyment. The main character Wander has to kill 16 giants by using his intelligence and his sword and bow to save the girl he loves. She is an intelligent, athletic, beautiful archaeologist and adventurer who discovers and excavates ancient tombs around the World. For example, Pit the main character of the original game became a playable figure in Super Smash Bros. Even if it was a sci-fi game, a bow and arrow could easily find a place in it.

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She has red hair and great archery skills. So many movies and TV shows have been produced over the years about him. Using a bow with the main character, Prophet is enjoyable. The famous video game archers list without her would be incomplete. If he missed, both of them would be executed.

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