felix the cat game download

felix the cat game download

It is based on the cartoon character Felix the Cat. The game involves the player controlling Felix the Cat as he sets out to defeat the evil mad Professor who has kidnapped Felix's lovely girlfriend, Kitty. The Game Boy version plays virtually the same as the NES version, but features fewer levels. Felix the Cat has simple game mechanics. felix the cat game download free download - Felix the Cat for Windows 10, Flappy Felix - The Cat That Can Fly, The Adventures of Felix Fox: Samba of the Wolves, and many more programs. Jun 11,  · Best Felix the Cat App EVER. 1. Over + cartoons to watch from. The Download Now link directs you to the Windows Store, where you can continue the download Subcategory: Kids & Parenting Software. Felix the Cat is a video game released in for the Nintendo Entertainment System and in for the Game Boy by Hudson Soft. It is based on the cartoon character Felix the Cat. Gameplay. One of the early levels in the game, the basic user interface is shown. Developer(s): Shimada Kikaku (NES), Hudson Soft .

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The type of attack varies depending on the magic level. In other areas, Felix gets his fur wet by steering a paddle boat and riding a dolphin. There are helpful items to collect and bonus rooms where you can power-up! Action, Platform. Enemies generally follow a regular pace back and forth, and Felix can shoot them. Cute graphics and OK sounds combined with solid game play make this cart a winner.

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OK, Gang, it's time for a history quiz. Report Offensive Content. I told the professor he wouldn't get away with kidnapping my beloved darling, and I vowed to get back at him for taking her. According to the manual, the foes in this game are not necessarily enemies. Spam: Advertisements or commercial links.

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He can hang upside down from platforms and climb walls when he is in trouble! In App-Purchase, you can remove the Ads forever. Big characters and a cartoony style create the illusion that this is a playable cartoon. Felix's only defense in this game is his magic bag. Game title:. Other platforms:. One important thing to note about the Felix game that is indicative of his comic book and animated cartoon incarnations is the virtual absence of violence. It can change into a lot of things that can help me get through the levels and beat all the bad guys!

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