good chair for playing guitar

good chair for playing guitar

Sep 25,  · When it comes to playing guitar, no arms = good chair. It’s kind of a weird thing to think about: A specific guitar playing chair. Well it’s a thing. We guitar players are a finicky bunch. Guitar teachers may be more so. So here are the best things to sit on when playing guitar. My guitar chair . Some higher-end guitar chairs even rock to accommodate even more playing styles. Guitar stools, on account of not having a backrest, generally just have adjustable height and a ring around the base to rest your feet. Comfort. Using an uncomfortable chair when playing the guitar . As I mentioned in the intro, 70% of my guitar playing is done relaxing back in my office chair with my feet on my desk (I can feel the experienced guitar players cringing). I've been able to find the right angle to sit comfortably and rest the guitar against the arm rests of the chair. Anyone know of a good chair for playing guitar? I cant seem to play for more than 20 minutes without back pain. I have a thigh rest thing which supports the guitar in sort of a "classical" style, which helps, and I have tried various foot rests. Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice desk chair that has arms that you could fold down for playing guitar? like a comfortable, leather chair Reviews: This might be a little bit of a stupid thread but I need to find a chair for playing my electric guitar. The only chair in my room right now is my off Reviews: Jan 31,  · best one I ever used was one of those old computer chairs with knee pads. Keeps your back straight and lets you hold the guitar (with the strap) correctly. The Pick n Glider Musicians’ Chair is one of the only chairs in existence designed SPECIFICALLY for guitar playing. With its solid back support, lack of armrests, and slow steady rocking mechanism This chair is quickly becoming a favorite among many home studio musicians.

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You will find some premium models with rather steep price tags and likewise very cheap releases that may be lacking somewhat in the quality department. Cons: Its padding is not as thick as I expected it to be Rubber feet wear out over time. When you want class and performance at the same time, you might want to throw some extra bucks for something great. Truth is that some of these tools are more popular than others, especially in the main stream. You would be surprised how many flimsy chairs are being sold today, which are anything but safe. Ryan84 , Jan 31, Simplicity and price are the most attractive features with this guitar chair. It is extremely rugged, which is essential to provide optimal support and stability to its user.

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I just got a Swopper for my home office--dual duty as desk chair and music chair. Models we have chosen for this list cover a range of awesome chairs, including something for every budget no matter how restrictive it is. From the seat to the top of the foot rest is 16 inches. Like the PLS24 the seat also swivels for the best possible maneuverability while playing the guitar. It could be a tubular ring or any raised surface.

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As we stated above this is a chair that is excellent value for money. This chair is very sturdy and durable. Conclusion Considering guitar stools are so often overlooked there is actually a very good selection on the market. Comfort Another feature that I should really have to mention is comfort. Oh yeah, you can take the arms off. Among the top-models, these are the 4 I recommend :.

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