how to play leshrac dota 2

how to play leshrac dota 2

Black Hole allows Leshrac to sit in the middle and damage people with Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova without fear of getting harmed. Should any enemy survive, Leshrac can follow up with Split Earth. Should any enemy survive, Leshrac can follow up with Split Earth. Leshrac, Tormented Soul, is an entity torn from the heart of nature, a liminal being that exists half in one plane of existence, half in another. His penetrating intelligence is such that he can never ignore for a moment the agonizing horror at the heart of all creation. Even after the strength buff in b (base strength and gain from 16 + to 18 + ) Leshrac remains a rather squishy hero with low range spells. He can’t fight safely from a distance, but needs to commit in the action to exploit all his arsenal - particularly the AoE spells as they hit only targets in a small area around him ( radius).Nationality: Italy. Find constantly updated Leshrac guides from the top performances of the week. Each guide includes item builds, ability builds, timings and more. Get Plus Get Featured Hero Guides are based on TrueSight data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber. Anyway the thing is leshrac does not have much hp unless massively fed and needs some big mana and hp items before even thinking of a bkb, so some early blademails on 2 or 3 of your team will return all leshracs aoe damage eack to him double or even trifold and then you can transition into bkb to further mess with him mid game. Radiant in particular should have an easier time stacking a camp. Leshrac with 6 and stun easily clears any stack. Edict is good for dealing damage into the golems. As a hard 5 lesh player al the way up to a core leshrac, you can do a lot of things. One of the better utility leshracs I've seen is an aether euls buildup. Either item is good first. Jun 15,  · Veno could work with level 2 wards, but veno also has shit hp and is slow as hell. And then you are stuck with a mid veno, that farms not even half as fast as leshrac and you are just a walking ultimate countered by a single cloak for gold. Dota 2 training from PRO-players: video guides, analytics, coaches, tournaments, match analysis. You do not know how to raise the MMR? Learn to play Dota 2 from

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In the late game lesh is very strong if he had good farm. Because of this, Lesh thrives in drawn out fights. Increased Lightning Storm cooldown from 5 to 7 seconds. Sometimes you might want to change your game mode. Once a strike happens, the effect has to recharge for 1. Intelligence Heroes. Thus, your target can easily escape.

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The most common items are Arcane Boots or Bloodstone, the latter providing excellent mana regeneration in the case of extended pushes or teamfights. Don't be a dick! Getting free stick charges is nice too. Learn more If your carry gets his bkb down to 5 seconds you really need to kill leshrac first. Notes: Pulse Nova does not interrupt Leshrac's channeling spells upon toggling.

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It depends a lot on the hero also called "character" you are playing. Purchase items. Lightning Storm. Feel free to use Split Earth to kill ranged creeps on the lane. Posts:

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