how to play metal riffs

how to play metal riffs

By Metal Hammer (Metal Hammer) TZ Metal Hammer We asked rock's most prominent players to pick their favourite metal riffs of all time. It wasn’t easy. Here are the final results, as compiled by Team Metal Hammer.

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Or at least one a week. The tempo is slow, so it should give you time to move around the fretboard. The goal of learning the Power Chops metal guitar riff is to teach you how to play the simple techniques power chords and palm muting along with moving your fingers around the fretboard more aka: the riff at the end. For example, an entire part of the song, like a verse or bridge, could be based on single note rhythms. If you're captivated by the intro, you're likely to hear the rest of the song differently and your brain is already predisposed to this being an awesome experience. The riff is similar to Ozzy's ' Crazy Train. This means you're moving your fingers across the fretboard while playing this technique.

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You're also playing across three strings for this one. Here we have compiled the best metal riffs of all time and asked the the scene's leading guitarists to pick their favourites. After the riff in F , you'll play a series of single notes, which are in that key. This riff is particularly good for practicing playing in time, as its razor-sharp cuts provide the tension between the bass and the drums. A chromatic lick, this song will also stretch your first forays into other tunings — in this case, D standard. Well, do this test on yourself.

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Just when you thought it was over, there's a bonus! Instead, you're experimenting with other notes for that second note. If you can play power chords, you can play this riff. Actually, you're going to learn three riffs in this exercise. You'll also notice that I don't have you just playing the pull offs on guitar.

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