how to play nova hots

how to play nova hots

Aug 11,  · Heroes of the Storm Nova Guide by Santy: Nova - A new way to play. Versatile Team-play. Updated (Patch 21 - Samuro). Learn how to play Nova using this HotS build crafted by Santy. Snipe Build revolves around improving the eponymous Ability to maximise Nova's burst damage potential. Although more difficult to play than Nova's other builds, its overall damage potential is higher in the hands of a skilled player.

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Level 1 Talents for Nova 4. Murky Build Guide. As mentioned on the Abilities page , Precision Strike deals a significant amount of damage in a large area from global range, meaning that you do not to be physically present to partake to large combos. Li Li. Nova also has a Pinning Shot that slows targets, and can project a decoy at will, to cause confusion. Nova's Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths. Longshot Level 1 Nova. Snipe Build revolves around improving the eponymous Ability to maximise Nova's burst damage potential.

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Always choose your engagement wisely! Ionic Force Field provides nearly meaningless and short-lasting amount of Armor when you need it the least. Fast Reload Level 20 Nova. Nova is countered by. Nova's average maps.

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Lethal Decoy turns Holo Decoy , a defensive Ability, into an offensive one. Enemy Minions killed near Nova grant a stack of Bribe. This damage potential is, however, gated behind Precision Strike 's archetypal weakness of relying on crowd control for successful hits. Zeratul Build Guide. Level Rapid Projection is recommended along One in the Chamber. Psionic Efficiency Level 13 Nova.

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