laptop won t play blu ray

laptop won t play blu ray

Dear Lifehacker My laptop came with a Blu-ray drive, but I can't seem to play Blu-rays with it, and everyone says I need to buy extra expensive software to use it. Even VLC can't play Whitson Gordon. Jun 13,  · After I did the upgrade my laptop wont play Blu-ray movies but the drive will detect them along with playing regular DVD's and installing games from disc's (yes I know. who uses discs anymore lol). I had contacted Sony about this and they did there whole sales pitch and 45min later they finally told me they want $ to fix it, I simply put. The computer must have movie player software that supports 3D Blu-ray playback. Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center will not play 3D Blu-ray movies in Windows. If your computer did not come with 3D Blu-ray player software, you may need to install third-party software to play 3D Blu-ray . May 04,  · Why Won’t Windows Play My DVD Or Blu-ray Disc? What software are you using to play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs on your computer? Fill us all in using the comments below, or just complain bitterly about the change. (even if it's just to tell you that the computer won't play the disc). How freaking simple is that to do? Very, very Author: Justin Pot. May 27,  · Can’t play Blu-ray discs on my computer! “I have a biiiig problem, my computer does not play the Blu-ray discs that u put in my disc drive. Yes my drive supports blu-ray and i have downloaded millions of different codecs and video players but nothing works! It just give me a messege that its a unknown format. Jun 28,  · Natively, VLC won't just play your Blu-ray discs, so you'll need to do some tweaking. It's not necessarily the best option, but if you're a heavy VLC user already, it's at least an Richard Devine. Due to the ever-changing nature of Blu-ray copy protection, PC Blu-ray playback is a challenge. PowerDVD 8 is at least four versions back and the vendor, Cyberlink, isn't investing in updates. If a circa Blu-ray disc plays, this issue may be due to buggy DRM or buggy BD-J (Blu-ray's Java-based menu technology). Aug 22,  · Introduction and Solution to Blu-Ray Disc Not Playing Bionic-Gaming Turning off the internet on my playstation 3 allowed the blu-ray to play immediately. Category won't play cd - .

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Whoa, slow down with the caps! Region table for standard Blu-rays Region Code. But for most folks, this is the free and easy path to DVD nirvana in Windows I was told by this directly by Microsoft. All these answers are for Windows 8. I am hoping that you aka the community can help me and I will give any information needed within reason so that I can play my movies I actually bought. What's new.

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To change the drive region setting, do the following steps. Now I can't go past the booting up screen because of a fatal error that appe Started by nuclearance Jun 7, Replies: 2. Has anyone else had this problem? To fix playback problems, clean the disc. Audio problems when playing a movie Windows includes a troubleshooter that checks for problems playing sound.

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By Rick Broida. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. All these answers are for Windows 8. This behavior is intentional. In Windows, search for and open find and fix problems.

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