playing games on dual monitors

playing games on dual monitors

Aug 16,  · I recently just bought two 24" asus led hd monitors and connected them properly to the computer. I can drag programs across screens but when I open games it will only run on one screen, and it does not give any options to increase resolution past x Dec 10,  · Step 1: Check all your monitors. For example, if you are using three 4K monitors, you will want to make sure your GPU has three HDMI ports for use. Yes, you can mix and match ports if necessary (say, two HDMI and a DisplayPort, but again it’s much easier if you just have several of same monitor Tyler Lacoma. Apr 14,  · Three monitors are required for spanning games in surround. It wouldn't work on a dual monitor set-up anyway. For example, you wouldn't be able to aim very well in FPS games because your crosshairs would be obstructed by the bezels. How do dual monitors work while gaming? So would I not be able to play a game on one monitor and browse the web on the second? Your last point isn't % certain. I still play Civ 3 on my two-monitor system, and I can mouse out onto the other monitor (if I click on anything, it does still minimize the game. I have a dual-monitor setup, and currently I can run a full screen game (Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 currently) and see still see anything I have open on my second monitor. I can't move my mouse from one monitor to the other, which is a good thing. Jan 31,  · The problem is 'most' games use the 'primary' monitor to render games. Some games will give you the option to go full screen on a different monitor but its not really guaranteed depending on the game. The only 'sure fire' way to play on a 'secondary' monitory, is to make htat monitor the primary display on Windows. Move your windowed game across to the desired monitor. Click the game. Hit Alt + Enter. Play. Interesting solutions here. But ive never encountered a program that didnt un fullscreen from alt + Enter. Mar 13,  · Issues with playing games in full screen using dual monitors on windows 7 Original title: full screening games while using dual monitors on windows 7. i recently purchased another monitor so i could dual screen on my desktop, and about a week later i decided i'd get rid of vista and upgrade to 7 (64 bit) i had no problem with the dual screen.

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Or is this something I can do with Windows 10? Here's what Apple has said, what the experts think, and what we're going to see in the new Mac Pro. For starters most if not all games don't support it, and without support even if you managed to force it to run that way it would be stretched. Note that Eyefinity is friendly with DisplayPort connections, so those are the ports to look in your monitors. Without a dual-link graphics card, your computer cannot support multiple monitors.

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Sivua kohden: 15 30 Stretching the gaming screen to multiple monitors. Search Advanced search…. N4G Forums. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Find More Posts by smarteyeball. While two is the standard for multiple monitors, certain gamers use three or more at one time. Quote: Originally Posted by Maniaknl Alright i tried that matrox thing but it didn't gave me the option to change the resolution ingame to x so i think i did something wrong but the program told me that guild wars had native support or something Matrox isn't just software based, it's an actual device you plug your monitors into. Then, after i recognized that the apply button was primarily only temporary settings gone after restart and secondarily, didnt work properly white spaces, glitches, etc. Our list of the best free flight simulators will let you unleash your inner Maverick. Thanks for the info here guys. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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