playing golf with fewer clubs

playing golf with fewer clubs

Jul 10,  · I hit the 5 wood a bit more. After that, I use all my clubs. I chip/pitch with 4 different clubs, and will hit greenside blast bunker shots with as many as 5 clubs, and occasionally 6. I don't get hitting a 9 & 7 iron but not the 8. I mean, if you can hit both of the former clubs, there's no reason at all why you can't hit the latter.4/5(2). Apr 03,  · “You can definitely play good golf with fewer clubs,” concludes Denny Harmon. Vinny proved it to me, and now there are a handful of additional guys in our group who are taking clubs out. Not as many as the two of us have eliminated, but there are four or five other guys we play with who now only have 11 or 12 clubs left in the bag.”. Jul 04,  · Fewer Clubs, More Creativity. Is your game stuck in a rut? Are you playing the same course and hitting the same shots time and again? If so, here’s a simple solution: try a round with a minimalist set.. Below I’ll lay out a few different approaches and some of the benefits you’ll get from carrying fewer clubs. Jul 09,  · And since I couldn't hit the 3- or 5-irons very well, I ended up playing with just 4 clubs most of the time. But I had a blast! I think most weekend players could benefit from carrying fewer clubs as well. Here's how it works: I want you to try playing some rounds using a . Mar 18,  · Can you use your playing partner’s golf clubs? Interestingly, you are permitted to add clubs to your bag during a round, provided that you keep it to 14 or fewer clubs, and you can thank the. May 16,  · Frank, in your writings you have talked about playing with fewer clubs. What is the makeup of your club bag? Thanks Robert –VA Robert, I am an advocate of using – carrying – fewer clubs, and there are many reasons for this, let me name a few. Jun 10,  · These are the clubs that live in my MacKenzie Walker or Sun Mountain Stryder: Driver. The driver is the longest and most difficult club to hit in your bag, so it is helpful to get fit by a professional to ensure that you are playing with the “right” one. Jun 13,  · Playing Golf With One Club. August 20, Arriving at the course, I quickly unpacked my clubs and anticipated being the only player on the course for quite a while. As I set up my push cart, my friend Geary pulled up and we quickly agreed to play together. Geary and I talked about playing 18 holes with one club and the benefits from not.

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I think the Winns is the least expensive with the Super Stroke in between. Good golfing and have fun! Here's another half-set -- I'll call it a "gradiated" set because I've tried to eliminate some of the gaps and make the transitions between clubs more gradual: 3-wood 4-hybrid 6-iron 8-iron PW SW or LW Putter While there's a gap between the 3-wood and 4-hybrid, the rest of the set is pretty evenly spaced out. Driver, 3 and 5 hybrid, 7 and nine iron, sand wedge, Chipper 42 degrees, Moon Wood 25 degrees and putter. Take some time to build your set around the style of golf that you play, and your scores should be better for the effort in the long run. The minimum number of clubs he needs would be those that allow him to learn the various types of shots that are played in golf.

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I can't figure out why and until I do, it will stay in the bag. Geary and I talked about playing 18 holes with one club and the benefits from not bringing an entire set. I like the fact that you explained some of the tricky shots you had to make, very much like on the course during an actual round. I think most weekend golfers would quickly latch on to those advantages. To get started, he would need a wood club such as a driver or 3-wood, to learn how to hit the ball longer distances.

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The difference? Although ultimately I think we have to change the way we teach the game, we can address both problems to some extent simply by changing our ideas about equipment. Want to hide this ad? Go To Topic Listing. Scores are the same no matter how many clubs I might use. Nice article Matt. With your six open spots, you are going to want to add three long clubs and two wedges we will worry about that last slot later.

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