playing guitar through bass amp

playing guitar through bass amp

Oct 15,  · Back in the 60's, playing a bass through a guitar amp was thought to be abusive. None of the players I knew then would allow it. Pretty easy to blow a speaker. Besides, the bass player should just play through his own darn amp! No amp, you're not ready to run with the big dogs. Of course, a dual Showman with 2 - JBL DF's would handle anything. Feb 02,  · I don't know whether a picture of a "face-palm" would do most of these answers justice. An amplifier, using tubes or transistors, amplifies your input signal. A preamplifier boosts the miniscule signal (~V) from instrument to amplifier, a. Mar 12,  · For playing guitar through a bass amp: At minimum swap to a guitar speaker cabinet or PA speaker or a bass amp will sound like a wet blanket. I play extended bass and bi-amp through high-end SS bass & tube guitar amps to cover full-range. Dec 31,  · So, playing guitar through a bass amp, by these numbers, only gives you about 70% of the tone a full guitar rig would. Sent from my VS 4G . Apr 03,  · Playing a bass through a guitar amp is probably not a great idea. It's fine as long as you don't get too loud. You won't hurt the amp but you can pretty easily blow the speakers. Playing a guitar through a bass amp, I see no problem with. Playing a bass guitar through a guitar amp can definitely damage the amp in case you turn it up a bit too much. Speakers can suffer from trying to play sounds that are too low for . Feb 08,  · If it works, use it. You're not going to blow it up or anything running a guitar through a bass amp. I used to run an electric through a bass stack, and with a distortion pedal a couple years ago. sounded fine if i tweaked the tone controls enough. As far as playing bass through guitar amp damaging it, it's my understanding the issue is many guitar amp speakers' low frequency response is tuned for the Hz range and designed to respond in a non-linear way specifically for a guitar's harmonics.

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Jun 1, Hope that helps Has anyone tried those newer Fender Bassman TV amps with a guitar? Apr 27, Here's a novice answer to a technical question. Everything was fine though. GibsonSGgirl , May 3, I'd also played through an older Yamaha bass amp at our old jamspace that wasn't bad even though it was solid state.

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So my advice is to have fun with it. Noone gives a dam id you're grooving to your own tones. Depending on how it's made, the bass frequencies could put it in a resonance that tears it up instead of a nice harmonic distortion. My current amp doesn't even sound that impressive with a bass through it, but i guess it seems from what you all say, that when i look for an upgrade i can find one that makes bass sound good and guitar sound ok or interesting quite easily. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Sure, the second harmonic dominates the fundamental but it's there, which you seem to be ignoring.

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Search Media New Media. Yeah I meant to write, "and vice-versa" but with all the dissonance and controversy over tone centers I plum forgot! Help Save. I can get nice crisp tones when doing cleans and I like the bass-ey chugs I can get with distortion It does mean fiddling around with tone kobs on the amp. Fats is right in pointing out that effects are powered devices. The Treble on the rumble boosts everything above up but it doesn't matter. Of course you may find it uncomfortable playing with tones that project a longer distance but it does in fact get easier the more you do it.

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