playing guitar with big hands

playing guitar with big hands

Jul 26,  · My Fat Fingers are Muting the Guitar Strings! Beginner Guitar Lessons Help! My Fat Fingers are Muting the Guitar Strings! There are people with really big hands, big enough to palm a basketball, who have never had a properly fitting pair of gloves, because they aren’t made that big. It will sustain your interest in guitar playing by. Worry about fat fingers with regards to playing guitar is a common concern. Generally, this worry is expressed in complaints such as, "I tried playing guitar, but my fingers are just too fat to hold down the strings." Most often, these concerns come from people who have briefly dabbled in practicing the guitar, but didn't feel like they were. Advantages of big hands - potentially your reach, although this depends on whether your fingers are long, or just big. And for guitars with wide necks big hands can help. Disadvantages of big hands - you might find it tricky to play certain chords high up the neck if you can't get your fingers into a small space.

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Just extremely frustrating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Developing dexterity in your fretting hand takes practice and patience. Your fingers should be poised in a slightly curled position above the strings. If you've been asking "are my fingers too fat to play guitar? What to do now?? Sadly, I think me and my spatulated fingers may fall into the guitar-is-not-for-you camp….

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You don't have to know how to play anything. You give hope to a lot of us! Sign up using Facebook. Featured on Meta. Sometimes it's hard to jam my fingers together for a D chord, but for rock it's seldom a problem, because I cheat and drop the F , or switch to a guitar with a bit wider neck at the nut.

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I have struggled for years to find guitars that fit me. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Thanks to you I will keep going. Post as a guest Name. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I to have just retired at 65 with the same ideas about playing guitar, I was also a welder fabricator so I know what your talking about when you say things about your hands and fingers.

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