playing hooky from work excuses

playing hooky from work excuses

Oct 16,  · Among the excuses used by absentee employees, 27 percent said they had a doctor’s appointment, 26 percent said they needed to relax, 21 percent said they had to catch up on sleep, and 12 percent blamed their absence on bad weather. The survey also revealed 10 of the worst excuses Americans used for calling in sick to work this Justin Caba. Oct 23,  · People can get creative when it comes to sick day excuses. More than a quarter of employees have skipped work when they were feeling fine, Author: Victoria Taylor. Here are five excuses to try and five to avoid. Bad excuses for missing work. There's a death in the family: "I'm not a believer in playing hooky, because it always comes back to you," Nierenberg says. "Don't lie to your boss, your supervisor or your clients. You're guaranteed they will be the ones you'll run into while you're walking. Feb 28,  · Best Excuses for Playing Hooky and Skiing by Katie Kearsey / @kmkearsey / February 28, Editor’s Note: The 4th Annual National Play Hooky and Ski Week kicks off on March 2, !Author: Katie Kearsey. Nov 16,  · 10 of the funniest excuses for missing work. Really, now: "Employee just put a casserole in the oven." which asked employees and employers just how much of Author: Erika Rawes. Nov 07,  · Work for CNN; U.S. International Claiming your young daughter stole your car is just one of many bizarre excuses to miss work. Twenty-nine Author: Justin Thompson, According to this site, there are a few theories about the origin of the phrase "playing hooky". As an interesting sidenote, in Boston, the phrase "hooking Jack" meant the same thing. You'll have to decide for yourself which answer is the best.

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Employee ate too much at a party. The actual term seems to have been "schuilhoekje spelen" where schuilen means to shelter or hide, cf. Admittedly, Bartlett's explicit tying of the word hookey to New York offers some support for the possibility that the expression is derived from Dutch as hoople was , but I remain skeptical. Think about it: If you had a job that you actually looked forward to doing, you'd be more likely to show up—regularly, even! Could you use some help turning your situation around? A hangover isn't a hangover till the day you turn

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CareerBuilder recently published the results of a survey, which asked employees and employers just how much of a problem workers playing hooky was for them over the past year. There is a sect living in this region with some queer ideas, called Hook and Eye Baptist , because hooks an eyes are used on all garments instead of buttons. Employee got his toe caught in a vent cover. All fastenings are made by means of hooks and eyes, from which comes the name " Hook and Eye Dutch. But in other instances from the s, bagging school is definitely part of the delinquency.

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Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobs with qualified candidates, just like you. And everyone a second older than 30 knows this. Here they are:. Consider also cookie , from koekje. Employee got his toe caught in a vent cover. Even pregnant women think it's a brutal form of physical punishment Jonathon Green, Cassell's Dictionary of Slang offers this relevant entry:.

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