playing live with backing tracks

playing live with backing tracks

If you’ve never played live to backing (pre-recorded) tracks, it can feel like a daunting task. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make the transition from analog to digital a bit easier. It is super important that you are comfortable playing to a click (metronome) BEFORE starting to play to backing JJ Jones. Jun 28,  · Hi DevRange, Using a music player at a live gig is what a lot of solo, duo and trio performers do. We (guitarists, keyboard players etc) use a MP to play backing tracks (like drums, bass, other instruments etc) as we don't have the full band as backing. Jul 08,  · The phone is playing stereo sound with the splitter cable separating the track: Hi Shree!What about singer who wants to run backing tracks live, and performs alone?I am quite limitted with the budget, so I would use free backing tracks, but probably of lower quality. Have no idea what should I do with them to leverage the quality and avoid Author: Shree. Apr 29,  · So I’ve played live with a click plenty of times. Also played live with tracks that had drum or percussion loops quite a bit as well. Would rather just have the percussionist, but hey, sometimes there’s budget, sometimes not. This weekend will be my first gig playing along with click, BGVs, keys, percussion loops and two other guitars. Apr 28,  · Best Method of Running Backing Tracks Live I am in the process of rehearsing a live band and we are trying out different methods of running backing tracks for our show. It is a new band, but the record was completed solo, so the band is being formed after the fact. Some people, particularly in the rock and metal fraternities, think of backing tracks as somehow 'cheating', or not Pete Hartley. Jun 06,  · In the modern world, the use of backing tracks is widespread and accepted as an essential part of today’s live music experience. Each different type and size of act will have different requirements, but there are some common features and things to . We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different on-stage playback machines, and offer advice on how to avoid those embarrassing live backing-track pitfalls! Back in the '70s, playing live and playing in the studio were two completely separate disciplines, and bands were expected to perform on.

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All good. Send the output to the the PA speakers and plug your headphones into the headphone port. It can be very hard to judge the playback mix while you're at home in your studio, especially if your studio uses small speakers. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Nowadays there are a large number of machines available for on-stage playback, from humble drum machines and Minidisc players through to multitrack hard disk systems. On seeing this, the operator thought everything must be OK, so pressed Play again, effectively putting us miles out of sync with the backing tape, so badly that no one knew where the hell we were. It works. Hi Gascat I know exactly what your talking about as I am in the same position, I use winamp onstage on my laptop and want to try useing a tablet occasionally, now I dont know if this is any use to you but Apple have an App called Backtrax which does exactly what we need, you can create playlists and save them and it auto pauses after every song, I just hope that they bring out an Android version at some point because I'm a little hesitant to purchase a Transformer Tablet until they do as it would be pointless, I have an iphone abut am fed up with apple and a little bored so I really do want to explore the android, If I knew how to write the code etc I could make a killing with a good functional and simple app for us.

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Better to give yourself a generous margin, even if the extra recording time means having to use more than one playback disc or tape. If the guitarist was starting the next song, I would press play, and there would be a voice on the backing track which we added that would count 1,2,3,4… then I would hit my hi-hat for a 4-count, then the guitarist would start. If only my drummer has the click in his ears, what do you seggest we do when its the guitarist starting the song so the tempo lines up with the drummers click and backing track? Hi Edna Thanks for bearing with me. More recently, I've been using the Yamaha AW on gigs.

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I found all it took was recognizable songs and a decent groove to fill the dance floor. As with a mono mix, make sure that your levels are consistent throughout the set. Followed everything to the letter and managed to go from having zero knowledge of running backing tracks to a perfectly running system at first rehearsal without even testing it. It can be very hard to judge the playback mix while you're at home in your studio, especially if your studio uses small speakers. Jul 23, 1 0 5. If musical elements are to be added to the click in track one, it's probably best that the drummer oversees the mix, as the balance of the click versus the music is absolutely critical. What software are you using on your phone to run click and backing track?

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