playing live with midi keyboard

playing live with midi keyboard

I am a seasoned keyboardist playing mainly live gigs (Soul, Funk, Rock, Pop). I am very impressed by the capabilities of VST instruments, so I am wondering if it would be possible to use them in a live setup (my equipment today consists of multiple "classical" keyboards). Set the receive channel to either 1 or All for instruments playing melodies and channel 10 for drums or percussion. Set the MIDI send channel of your controller keyboard to the MIDI receive channel of your sound source by following documentation included with your MIDI keyboard. Mar 26,  · Live Midi Keyboard is a tiny software application which was developed specifically to help individuals pay a virtual Midi keyboard and change a lot of parameters, from volume to reverb.3/5(3). Mar 12,  · Hey guys, Been wanting to add some extra sounds into our live sound. On demos, I play a bit of keyboard, using Native Instruments with a midi controller.

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You are a perfect candidate for the kind of keyboards referred to as stage pianos. This is what you want software wise, it's not overkill like some DAW with a million other features you won't use unless you're triggering tons of loops like doing an Ableton Live performance. You may want to check out the video on how Ableton Live is used for Depeche Mode live performances as well: youtube. It's crap. F1, F2, F3 etc. The software lets you configure the software synths you're controlling, then play them live. What I'm finding is that to get a MIDI controller that's not a piece of crap, I'll end up spending as much as a mid range synth.

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I also am poor. Is there any software tailored specifically to live performances? Jason Parnell is a marketing director and professional writer. Lots of good points guys. They have a smaller subset of sounds, typically piano, organ, electromechanical pianos Rhodes, Wurli , and sometimes a handful of synth sounds.

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Optimally, I would like to define presets for two keyboards in advance e. Ironically, I did have a hardware keyboard fail on me at a gig. Now, from a more practical standpoint, if you have a Keyboard Synth, it takes up the same footprint a Controller would. Hey guys, Been wanting to add some extra sounds into our live sound. Plus drunk people hitting your stuff or excited band members , and theft have to be considered And finally, Mainstage also lets you control parameters like volume and panning using MIDI controllers as well as by using the computer directly. F1, F2, F3 etc. I've seen some glorious saves of guitars and keyboards that tip but recover, but I've also seen speakers and lights on tripods come down and almost kill someone.

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