playing lotto is a sin

playing lotto is a sin

8. If gambling is a tax replacement, it is tax which the poor are least able to pay. And yet 10 poor people play Lotto to every 1 wealthy person. Instead of buying food and shoes, the poor are buying cigarettes, alcohol and Lottery tickets. 9. A big argument by gamblers is “gambling is a voluntary matter”. Whether or not a buying a lottery ticket is a sin depends on our personal convictions. Personal convictions are the expressions of our inner conscience. If we think it’s a sin to buy a ticket and proceed to buy one, then we’ve committed a sin because we’ve violated our Dr. Roger Barrier. A: Of course, playing the lottery is gambling (state sponsored gambling). Does this make it a sin? The Bible is not clear on this, however, it certainly runs contrary to many Biblical principles. Consider some of the following things. It is a fact that the majority of those who play the lottery are poor. While there are multiple passages that point to the pursuit of money as a sin, there is nothing that absolutely declares playing the lottery as a sin. Playing the lottery, however, can be a sin from certain perspectives. The Bible has a few passages that relate directly to the pursuit of gaining money ‘quickly’ Author: John Greener. Playing poker with friends is seldom a sin. Not enough money changes hands. We receive real value when we play poker with friends—the value of a good time and enhanced friendship. In one sense this can be the same as going to a movie with our friends. We buy a ticket and receive value in the form of enjoying the movie and in experiencing it together. If you play the lottery, be careful on the ground or foundation the "gotta be in it to win it" mantra plays into your mind and heart. The sin of the lottery is about the distraction and displacement of your faith. A million dollars will sit on a table and do nothing since all it consists of is paper. It cannot move, repair, or change anything. Nov 16,  · The lottery money goes to schools, the forestry service, and the Indian reservations. It would be a sin to play the lottery to the point where we are no longer good stewards, but with all things, moderation. I see no sin in buying a ticket every once in a while, and . Oct 04,  · In Christian terms, is it a sin to play the lottery? I was raised in the south, bible belt, in a very religious home and I feel guilty playing the lottery. Please only constructive, positive responses. I am very serious about frvi4.neters: 1.

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Texas Lottery. In another words, if you win the lottery, you are taking someone elses money who gambled the same as you did!!! Monie Matthews said:. Mega 6. Irish Lotto. Young people see gambling as being all right. Japan Loto 7.

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Delaware Lottery. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Badger 5. Not that I would know this by personal experience, you understand!! New York Sweet Million Lotto.

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Set for Life. How can we pay for it get the money? Should Catholics gamble? Experience teaches us that people do not do that. Playing the lottery can and has opened the door to other gambling problems. You are very vulnerable when you sleep and the enemy can influence you to have demonic dreams. Verses nine and ten are rather strong, aren't they?

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