playing multiple sports has benefits

playing multiple sports has benefits

Sports are supposed to be among the purest and most enjoyable activities of a child’s life. However, it’s increasingly become a pressure-packed world where overbearing parents and the allure of scholarships and stardom take precedence over fun. Research has shown that playing multiple sports can help children or teens to not only enjoy themselves more, but that multiple sports can also. One of the biggest debates that has been pushed into today’s youth sports culture is whether athletes are best to specialize in one sport or try their hands at participating in multiple sports. Because of the prevalence, access, and influence of club based sports, we’re seeing more of our high school athletes specialize at an earlier age. Jan 16,  · The advantages of playing multiple sports at a young age. Reaping the physical benefits. Through playing different sports kids develop flexibility, core stability, strength, stamina, power and speed, as well as improve their all-round physical conditioning. Preventing injury. Jun 20,  · The same goes for playing too many sports. Some athletes benefit from playing multiple sports in a year while other athletes need a break between seasons. 30 of the 32 first round picks in the NFL draft were multisport athletes. Playing sports provides kids with a lot of positive benefits: leadership skills, discipline, character, the. Studies show that playing multiple sports leads to better muscle, motor and skill development. It promotes general athleticism, balance, speed and agility. 2. Less opportunity for emotional burn-out. The Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports For our kids, practicing and focusing on the sport they love is an important part of playing youth sports. However, specializing in one sport from an early age can cause them to miss out on a number of benefits that could prove beneficial as they mature. Apr 27,  · Playing multiple sports is imperative to helping a young athlete develop a wide variety of skills that can help them reach their goals in any sport. Individualized training is a great way to target the development of specific skills that can help develop a more well-rounded athlete and improve athletic performance, regardless of the sport. The physical health benefits of playing sports are countless. In addition to being entertaining, it’s scientifically proven that sports activities are good for your heart and your brain.. What’s rarely mentioned is that playing a sport can improve your social and emotional skills.

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The social benefits can also lead to academic benefits. For example, if a kid is struggling with baseball, he or she can instead focus on an upcoming hockey game and begin to boost self-esteem. If you have any other questions, please, let me know! David Geier is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina. Typically, we see this at the Division III level. Having a primary sport is great, but also having other sports or activities that they participate decreases overuse injuries as well as burnout, which is very common in year-around single sports athletes. Competition Details. Michigan State strength coach Ken Mannie with some nutrition tips for intense training and proper recovery.

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Understand your injury or the injury your family member is suffering so you can confidently return to sports, exercise, and work and stay healthy and active! To become an expert at something — especially in sports — conventional wisdom suggests that you dedicate yourself wholly to that sport. Blog , Coaching , Research Articles. In the spring, I ran track. Online Education Take a step to improve your game!

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I always tell parents to get a feel for the coaches and the organizations before they sign up their child. No comments have been posted to this News Article. The vast majority avoid unplanned pregnancies, drugs, obesity, depression and suicide. And if kids are interested in multiple sports, the growth becomes much faster, as every single sport hit the different part in your brain as well as on your body. Get a Free Quote For our kids, practicing and focusing on the sport they love is an important part of playing youth sports.

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