playing ps4 on 4k tv

playing ps4 on 4k tv

We'll show you how to adjust the settings on both your 4K TV and your PS4/PS4 Pro to get the biggest bang for your HDR buck. but if you're not playing with it on, you're missing out on some Author: Parker Hall. does anyone play PS4 games & movies on a 4KTV? submitted 3 years ago by [deleted] I know people hate on 4K TVs, but I want to hear the opinion on those who bought a 4K TV and play PS4 games and watch movies on them, anyone notice a better picture with the upscale? I bought a 4K tv recently and the jump in clarity is marginal at best on. Jun 13,  · Not exactly, I think that what you are seeing is the normal resolution of a PS4 being up-scaled by the TV. The PS4 will still be outputting a p frame but the tv itself will upscale this to 4K. However the PS4 does not manage to play many titles as it stands beyond 30FPS, and it can seriously struggle with some titles even at Jan 20,  · Hey bud, if you are willing to buy a 4K TV and want to get a slim, why not spend the extra dollars and grab a PRO. I have my OG PS4 hooked up to one of my PC monitors on my computer desk now and my PS4 PRO connected to my KS and the difference is quite stunning in a lot of the games, especially games with HDR.

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They were created by comics legend Jack Kirby. Sizes : 55" 65" 75" 82". Take a look at our picks for the best TVs right now or check out our 4K TV buying guide for more info. How to Play Games on your Roku Device. Don't have an account?

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Sidebar Sidebar. If this ends up being the case, we suggest you disable HDR and play in a standard mode. Log in. May 28, Product prices across the site on reviews, tables and tools.

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Try one of our favorite soundbars You no longer have to sacrifice sound for size when selecting home audio equipment. Started by gsuelzle Jan 1, Replies: 1. Score distribution:. LCD TV when play some time it got automatically flickering also detect horizontal lining up and down. Posted 4 hours ago — By Erica Katherina. X Donate Contact us. Unlimited access to full product reviews, test measurements and scores.

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