playing radio in a business

playing radio in a business

The Sound of Success. With over business-friendly channels, 30+ channels that are free of DJ chatter and commercials, as well as music spanning over a dozen genres, there is something for every restaurant, office, and retail outlet. Choose SiriusXM Music for Business. Jul 09,  · Note that this exception is not limited to consumer-type radios, but the business can only play FCC licensed radio or TV (cable and satellite TV count as TV too). No CDs, no hooking up to an iTunes library and no streaming services. Aug 06,  · The vast majority of small businesses are too big to comply with these "square feet" limitations. Moreover, even the only thing that is exempt is playing one radio or one television of the same size that would ordinarily be used at home. And this exemption does not apply to stereos, CD players, MP3s or other recorded music. Yes, you will need permission to play records or tapes in your establishment. Permission for radio and television transmissions in your business is not needed if the performance is by means of public communication of TV or radio transmissions by eating, drinking, retail or certain other establishments of a certain size which use a limited number of speakers or TVs, and if the reception is not.

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Please feel free to ask any music law related questions. Merrily on High Definition TV. That's also why Muzak is so expensive. Privacy Policy. Option 1: Traditionally, businesses have had to work directly with each of the major Performance Rights Organizations PRO to negotiate license fees. So there! Download Satellite Service Channel Lineup. A SiriusXM for Business representative will contact you within the next 24 hours.

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The rules are very specific, and this summary does not cover all of the nuances, so be careful telling your advertisers that they can play your broadcast station in their commercial establishment without carefully parsing out the details of the exception. See Rebate Offer Details. If the gross square footage is more than 3, square feet, then you will need to restrict the number of speakers as set forth above. What permission is needed to publicly perform a cover song? Public exhibition of an artist's works promote the work of the artist, and therefore increase the chances that more people will purchase them, or pay to see them performed live. That is not necessarily true.

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Do I have to pay BMI license fees? Can I play the radio at work without a public performance license from the performing rights organizations? Learn more about requirements and exemptions. In short, no. But the details of the exceptions must be observed or there can be issues.

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