playing sega genesis on hdtv

playing sega genesis on hdtv

Sega Genesis to newer TV hookup - posted in Sega: Question on hooking a Sega genesis to a newer tv, can this be done? If so I have a vizio tv and would like to hook up a Sega genesis to it, can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy the cable to make this connection from the Sega to the tv? What is the name of the cable?. Want to play your old Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES, Dreamcast or even ZX Spectrum on your HDTV in top quality? What is unusual is that I was playing it on my modern, full HD, Samsung TV Author: Justin Towell.

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They don't take standard cables. You can even use them to connect multiple consoles to the same TV , and plus, they're really cheap. Of course, the older the console, the less likely component is an option, but in many cases you can find both official and third party connector cables that do the job nicely. Community Forum Software by IP. The purchase was made so that we could record video from retro machines but, having played about with it for a week, I am in awe of the quality it provides just for playing old games on a modern TV. Show more. The connections looked like this:.

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Hopefully this guide answers all of the questions you had about hooking up a retro system to your HDTV! But that's not unusual. Posted 14 March - PM. It's quite entertaining to play. Component video is similar to composite video, and they are often confused with eachother. It has been a lot of fun, far moreso than more high profile games that have come out lately.

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Make it idiot-proof, and someone will make a better idiot. It has been a lot of fun, far moreso than more high profile games that have come out lately. Despite being tough, I love the game and it's world! Still grinding for better equipments and moves. You can still use it if you want to and don't feel like buying anything new. It's actually the perfect solution to playing retro consoles. It isn't witchcraft, honestly. Community Forum Software by IP.

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