playing soccer with torn meniscus

playing soccer with torn meniscus

MENISCAL TEARS MORE COMMON AS SOCCER PLAYERS AGE. Tweet. By Peter H. Edwards, Jr., M.D. a torn meniscus can’t heal unless the tear is small and confined pain and sensation to the. meniscus is, for the most part, limited to the zone where the blood vessels are located. Older soccer players may tear their meniscus from experiencing. When a meniscus tears, it almost never heals. (That doesn’t always mean that every patient with a torn meniscus needs surgery, but that is a subject for a different post.) Therefore, in a symptomatic athlete, sports medicine surgeons usually treat the meniscus tear surgically. Surgery to repair a meniscus tearAuthor: Drdavidgeier. Nov 16,  · However, orthopedic surgeon Eric S. Millstein. advises against this course of action. According to Millstein's website, playing can cause the tear to increase. You can also cause damage to your knee cartilage, resulting in greater pain and a risk of developing arthritis. Recommended Treatment. Rest is the first course of action for a torn meniscus. Treatment for a Meniscus Tear. Although a meniscus tear is a serious injury, some doctors advise athletes to “play through the pain” rather than undergo surgery. A sports medicine doctor with unique expertise in injuries of the knee, Dr. Millstein warns athletes against “playing through the pain” in the wake of a meniscus injury.

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On-Site Management P. The medial meniscus is more apt to be injured during soccer play than the lateral and is frequently torn in combination with a medial collateral ligament. When this occurs, joint movement is painful and may become restricted. Sensation of "giving away" due to instability. After undergoing meniscus tear surgery, patients should take care to follow all of Dr. This hyaline cartilage functions to provide a smooth gliding surface between bones and absorb shock. They get back at the same or higher level far more often than not.

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Author Dr. Similarly, the nerve supply providing pain and sensation to the meniscus is, for the most part, limited to the zone where the blood vessels are located. If symptoms continue, however, referral to a physiotherapist may be necessary. While this information and these products are not intended to treat any specific injury or illness you have, they are products I use personally, have used or have tried, or I have recommended to others. A new technology will help surgeons more than double the shelf life of donor tissue for joint replacement surgery. Due to poor blood supply, the meniscus has very limited healing potential.

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But how much would a surgeon limit that athlete, if at all? David Geier is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina. After all, that sport or form of exercise is usually what he or she likes to do. The exception lies at the edge where the meniscus joins to the vascular knee lining, providing the outermost 30 percent of the meniscus with a blood supply. Rest is the first course of action for a torn meniscus. By Peter H.

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