playing the enemy chapter summaries

playing the enemy chapter summaries

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Gene proves up to the task of catching it, sparking a friendship. Gallery is determined to capture a U-boat and seize the codebooks and Enigma encryption machine. In Playing the Enemy, John Carlin tells the story of the final of the Rugby World Cup and the decisive role it played in creating a real post-apartheid South African nationalism. It was a day that was to end with the crowd singing Mandela's name. The essential gift book for any pet lover - real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends. When the war moves into Sicily and Italy, the Navy baseball team receives an order to return to the States for reassignment. After a ferocious succession of depth charges, U is plunged into darkness accompanied by the unnerving sound of water flooding into the fractured hull. Carlin, a former bureau chief in Johannesburg for The Independent, covers the apartheid era with a vivid pen and provides an authentic sense of how tantalisingly close South Africa came to civil war.

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For almost a century, it had been the game of Afrikaners, its raw violence seemingly well suited to this soldier-farmer nation. He charmed not merely his warders but a steady stream of apartheid bureaucrats and politicians who came to his cell, once the liberation struggle had made the country ungovernable without him. Carlin also demonstrates how effectively Mandela was able to convince his own side who, rightly, saw rugby as the secular religion of the white man. Francois Pienaar, the South African captain, says much the same thing: summoned to Pretoria in , a year before the World Cup and only a few weeks after Mandela's inauguration, he recalls being terrified. For Gene, there are only thoughts of baseball.

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It was a day that was to end with the crowd singing Mandela's name. Or when, on the morning of the climactic match, the rugby captain leads his men from their hotel for a warm-up jog, and four black children selling newspapers recognize them and call out to them by name — adoring fans from the other side of history. Marmee admits that she too struggles with controlling a quick temper. Monday 22 July It was quite likely that a large section of the Army would support the separatists; Mandela's concern was not some sentimental attachment to the former rulers, but a very practical matter: Afrikaners must be brought on side or there was a real possibility of a civil war. John Carlin, then of the Independent, was one of the few journalists who wrote comprehensively and significantly on the subject.

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