playing the old course backwards

playing the old course backwards

When playing the Reverse Old Course, players start on the first tee and play to the 17th green, essentially making the Road Hole bunker a right-side bunker for an approach shot. The Old Course in Reverse (the left-hand circuit), St. Andrews H ighlights. On occasion some years in early April, St. Andrews Links offers visiting golfers to Scotland the opportunity to tackle what the locals call the “left-hand” and “clockwise” way to play the Old Course, mainly, to play it backwards! Old Course checklist Ten things you need to know if you are playing the Old Course. With years of history comes some unique customs and traditions. Make sure your experience is as good as it can be with our step checklist so you can savour every moment on the world's most famous Links. Golf Spelled Backwards is Fun: The Old Course in Reverse. Just to clarify, when you play the Old Course in Reverse, you do not simply play the holes in backwards order, like 18, 17, 16 and so on, which is what a lot of people think. Playing the Old Course in Reverse is one of golf's most interesting and historic experiences. Jul 14,  · Tiger Woods says his back is healed for Open and 18 majors remains target I love playing, I love competing and I love playing these events. Author: Ewan Murray.

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When other places decided to build golf courses, most patterned themselves on the Old, and thus today we have The first is in the area of the Original 12th tee, as the theory would indicate. As it is played now, the Old Course goes out and back in a counter-clockwise motion, with the course taking a figure-eight shape. Perhaps not as interesting a hole in itself, but one that fits into the routing much more smoothly. Andrews, it still requires good thinking and execution. Most of the previous holes let the golfer make the decision, luring them this way and that.

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In , Old Tom Morris , St. Whether you come in high from the left or low from the right depends on the hole location, the wind, and your strategy off the tee. Didn't pack your clubs? Recommended Revisions. And then if you play it backwards, you see it.

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Due to the angle of the green and the ominous Road Hole Bunker, approaches coming in from the left side of the fairway are much easier, as they can be run up the throat of the green with a mid to short iron. Click here to post a comment. From there you can hit a high approach over the bunker, come in from the left side with a well-judged fade, or perhaps bounce on and through the flat mesa of the existing 17th tee when the hole in the far corner. In fact, it is only for the power hitters that the Swilken Burn will come into play, especially the further a players drives towards the left side. Either way, due to its length, only the best golfer will be able to get a four on this hole. It is also a slow time in St. Essentially, there are two entrances to the green, as seen below. The opening season is when they go back to playing off the grass. But to get to this enviable position for you approach, you will need to get a little cuter with your tee shot.

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