playing tricks on my mind

playing tricks on my mind

"Mind Playing Tricks on Me" is a single by the Geto Boys, featured on their album We Can't Be Stopped. The lyrics used within describe various mental states such as posttraumatic stress sample used in the song is "Hung Up On My Baby" by Isaac Hayes from his film Tough was the only number-one single (chart: Hot Rap Singles) ever released by the Geto Horrorcore, hardcore hip hop. May 29,  · Geto Boys' 'Mind Playing Tricks On Me' Is Hip-Hop's Anxiety Anthem Gangsta rap had been known as aggressive, rebellious and political, but the Geto Boys' hit made it . Lyrics to "Mind Playin Tricks On Me" song by Geto Boys: I sit alone in my four-cornered room Starin' at candles Oh, that shit is on? Let me drop some shit l. ===== Mind Playing Tricks on Me - The Geto Boys (tabbed by Ktodog 'Keiron Teilo O'Shea') ====. Lyrics to My Mind Playin' Tricks on Me by Geto Boys from the Uncut Dope album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! When I started this 30 Days of Musical Blackness series, I intended to include Isaac Hayes’ song, “Hung Up On My Baby,” the music that includes the sample used for inarguably one of the best hip-hop songs of all time, Geto Boys’ song, “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me.” Considering the passing of Bushwick Bill, it seems only. My mind is playing tricks on me. Verse Three: Scarface. Day by day it's more impossible to cope. I feel like I'm the one that's doing dope. Can't keep a steady hand because I'm nervous. Every Sunday morning I'm in service. Playing for forgiveness. Geto Boys; Mind playin tricks on me Lyrics. Oct 11,  · By utilizing these principles, there are a small variety of "mind tricks" that can be carried out very easily on your family and friends. Here are some of the easier mind tricks to carry out. Some you can carry out alone, others require at least one other person. These tricks can be good fun to test with your family and friends.

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