playing video games after lasik

playing video games after lasik

Is it possible for playing video games too long mess up your lasik? Answers Follow Share. 3 doctors weighed in: Is it possible for playing video games too long mess up your lasik? 3 doctors weighed in Want a second opinion? Dr. Jay Bradley. Ophthalmology - LASIK Surgery. HealthTap does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Mar 28,  · I had Lasik about a month ago, so my eyes are still partially recovering! This is just my experience, but I would wait at least days before trying to game. Give your eyes plenty of time to heal out of the gate, and it'll pay off. I tried to play Fallout after a couple days after but could only get an hour in before I had to stop. Nov 16,  · Best Answer: For days after most eye surgeries, you are still adapting to many factors to the change in your vision. I would recommend your consult your Surgeon before you start playing again, (seriously.) When I had my cataracts removed, I needed to wear my sunglasses for the first two days, in order to watch Open. 1. Take it easy with your screen time in the first few days after LASIK. You’re imagining the first day after you had LASIK. You probably think you’ll be playing video games and scrolling through your phone. It’s all chill! Not exactly. Although LASIK isn’t a painful procedure (thank you numbing eye drops!) it can be uncomfortable while. The first 24 hours after LASIK are important for the healing process. () During this time, you should take it easy and not strain your eyesTry to stay away from watching TV, looking at your phone or tablet, playing video games, or reading for at least the first day. Video Game Benefits. All of this discussion about the hazards of digital entertainment might lead some readers to believe that video games are all risk, no reward, and this is far from the case. Video games can help both children and adults improve in several important areas. Hand-eye-coordination is an obvious one, but visual attention is less so. Nov 08,  · One of the most common questions we get from patients interested in LASIK is, “Can I still play sports after my surgery?” It’s a great question, and since it’s important to many patients, we wrote this short article explaining what you can expect when it comes to sports and LASIK surgery. I knew people who had gone through the procedure but still become slightly short-sighted years after the procedure. But they usually have a more severe short-sightedness prior to the procedure so no ones really complaining. They used to say if you.

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The world of computer screens and consoles force our eyes to overcome different challenges than being in nature. Related content:. Practice the rule when using a computer or watching TV. Silverstein Eye Centers says:. Usually, your eyes will get basic recovery after a week of the cataract surgery. Then try playing in short sessions. As a precaution, do not take any sport movement unless your doctor agrees.

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LASIK is a safe and minimally invasive surgical procedure that has a quick healing time, but it is important to follow all aftercare plans and take care of your eyes for the best results. This will prevent eyestrain and other issues and allow patients to heal properly. Existing questions. Columbia, SC Why do sunglasses stores are not separated into male and female?

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Angel says:. This is normal, and thankfully there are two things that LASIK patients can do to address these matters: Have eye drops present at all times Take frequent breaks from computer use Have Eye Drops Handy at All Times Eye drops will provide your eyes with the necessary moisture to reduce irritation, itchiness, and redness. In some cases, removing this tissue can lead to the eye becoming drier. Times have changed, however, and an increasing number of people of all ages are using their free time for digital entertainment. March 5, at pm.

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