playing with fire katie macalister

playing with fire katie macalister

More dragons! Drake got his story told and ended up with Aisling. In 'Playing with Fire' the beloved silver dragon, Gabriel, ends up with a doppelganger named May. Now a doppelganger is basically a persons shadow, and as such May can shift into the shadow realm. That 4/5. Aug 16,  · Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1) [Katie Macalister] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gabriel Tauhou, the leader of the silver dragons, can’t take his eyes of May Northcott—not even when May/5(). Playing With Fire: A Novel of the Silver Dragons (Silver Dragons Novel Book 1) - Kindle edition by Katie Macalister. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ In best-selling author Katie MacAlister’s Love in the Time of Dragons, suburban mom Tully Sullivan wakes up in a far-off place surrounded by strangers—many of them muscular, sexy ones—claiming to be dragons. They insist Tully is a dragon, too, and that she’s committed crimes deserving of death. Playing with Fire: Silver Dragons, Book 1. The story line is fast-paced as May proves she can play lead instead of third fiddle. Fans of the series will enjoy the first feature length Silver Dragons tale as Kate MacAlister proves her skill as a magician when PLAYING WITH FIRE, she places Aisling in a secondary role yet enchants her audience/5().

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Average Review. I didn't love it as much as Aisling and Drakes story but it was still enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next book in the series! Large Print. And array of weird side-characters only made this book more fun. I didn't find any plotholes here. The story was a great Idea, and the humor was amusing, and While I normally adore Ms. She also writes for the young adult audience as Katie Maxwell, and for the mystery world as Kate Marsh.

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I will control my needs long enough to give you pleasure, and you will enjoy it, dammit! Helen's, the Earth colony recently cut off from the mother planet, yet not so very different from home. JL In 'Playing with Fire' the beloved silver dragon, Gabriel, ends up with a doppelganger named May. At any rate, in this book she is attempting to help her common senseless sister deal with a blackmailer, avoid her demon lords demands, deal with the mate situation and also run from Otherworld law. Jim, the demon dog was my favorite side character from his first "Watcha doin'", while Drake was an adorably nervous hubby with Aisling.

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If the next is a cliffhanger too, then I definitely will not read anymore. Oh, and my nickname. I am sure it will be amusing! About the Author Katie MacAlister lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dogs, and can often be found lurking around online game sites. However she is not a thief by choice, she is kept in servitude by a demon lord named Magoth. Pin It on Pinterest. Other books in the series.

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