ps3 music while playing games

ps3 music while playing games

On the PlayStation 3 (PS3), music stored on the hard drive can be played during live gameplay by accessing the PlayStation menu while in the game. This only works for the games that do not have an in-game menu accessible with the PlayStation button. The . Apr 11,  · Like you press the psn button, or what evr it is called, then go to music and play a song, and listen to it while playing a game. So is that possible. No, PS2's can not play music while you're playing a game on it. In fact, the only game console that can play music (for certain games) while you're playing anything in the PlayStation family, is. Nov 17,  · Yes you can play your own music while playing burnout paradise First open you PS Games and go to the setting which you can find the music setting then click import cd audio then insert your mp3 and start download after that you can start listening your music just go to freeburn online and find soundtrack just scroll it down then press custom and thats frvi4.neting System: PS3. Dec 19,  · It's kind of a confusing question. I have music on my PS3 that I uploaded from my iPod. I just wonder if while I was playing something like Madden 08 would I Status: Open.

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What is the correct way to play runescape without playing? You can not play a game and play music too. Top Voted Answer. You can't; the sound app has to be launched when you exit it if the launch is over. How do you get your music to play during games on the PS3? Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. A change in alignment can lead to a change in roles while playing the game.

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Quit worrying about your appearance and play the game. Yes No. You can not play a game and play music too. What genre of music does Vagalume play? What are you allowed to do while aboard on a train?

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How do you play music on modern warfare 2? What genre of music does Vagalume play? Can i play music on my ps3 while playing a game eg. When the ball is in play, you cannot touch it. How do you play music on ps3 while playin resident evil 5?

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