ps3 problems playing blu ray

ps3 problems playing blu ray

Aug 06,  · the ps3 is/ or should be the best blu ray player there is, if u look around on the internet alot of the people say that the ps3 is the best, so it should play everything, it may need updating as. Nov 10,  · I popped it out and put it in my PC's blu-ray drive, and worked fine. So, the problem was not with the disc, but with the PS3 itself (basically, corrupt drivers for the blu-ray disc drive.) Here's how you fix it if this ever happens to you: frvi4.neting System: PS3. Nov 30,  · The secret problem with the Sony Playstation-3 as a Blu-Ray player.. November 30, i have NOT had problems with games, blu-ray movies or dvds. (my bad) if you had one you knew that the fan works harder and more often when PS3 upscales DVD than playing BD discs. .and Nyko Intercooler give me a break all that is a joke. Reply. Nov 07,  · PS3 playback problems, certain discs Blu-ray Players and Recorders PS3 playback problems, certain discs. hey guys, I asked a guy in the Sony shop one day how did the ps3 hold up playing Blu-rays all day as a demo and his reply was "between you and me we have to replace the machine maybe twice a year as it burns the laser out". Mar 22,  · My GB PS3 Slim Console plays games and DVD's perfectly, but when I insert Blu-Ray Movies into the console, it starts making weird sounds with pauses between each of them and then make a "fake eject sound". Feb 08,  · Your PS3 is a true multimedia device. It not only plays games and music, but also Blu-ray discs and even 3D content without problems. You know that of course. Aug 06,  · My 60 GB PS3 began its illness by not playing a blu ray film now and again (about 2 weeks) ago, and now it won't play any blu rays or games. It will play DVDs and PS2 games. Dec 25,  · So I managed to find a 20GB PS3 yesterday after work. Whether or not it was a good purchase is still debatable, especially because of Blu Ray Audio problems.

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My Ps3 slim has been acting up i've had the bluray laser replaced in my older 60gb because it wouldnt read any blurays games or movies but this is totally different it plays all games fine and its selective on what blurays it plays at first I thought it was just universal studios movies because my alfred hitchcock ones would freeze about halfway through then my ps3 would tell me the video can not be played but then i tried jaws and battlestar galactica and they worked fine so I turned off the internet connection thinking it was the bd live but then the other ones wouldnt play at all then I thought it could be newer movies but it played pacific rim just fine I have the latest firmware installed but there is no constant to pinpoint the problem I just bought a new player but just trying to find an answer to this nagging problem. Edit Options History. Internet Connection. All times are GMT. Making a firmware disc is fairly straightforward. Philips: BDP

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However, digital audio played in low volume tends to make dialogue almost unintelligible. If you continue to have lag, the problem may be your internet connection. User Name. Those disc cleaners were ill-advised even for dvd, they should never be used for BD. Before yesterday,it played blu rays and DVDs superbly. You then say "no" and see if that works.

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When Consumer Reports tested early blu-ray players they noted that Sony's weren't as good as others at dealing with disc errors. Send a private message to Mobe User Info: CrimsonGear80 CrimsonGear80 6 years ago 8 I would actually try changing the BD-Live connection to "confirm" in the settings so it asks you if you want to connect to the internet when you start up a Blu-ray. Member since: Jul Can someone please help me get this stripped screw out out my scale.

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