ps3 remote play any game

ps3 remote play any game

In order to remote play your ps3 games to psvita you will need to be at PS3 firmware because the ps3 will not recognize the Psvita at and older firmwares. If you have a OFW you should not have any problem, but if you are using a CFW there’s risks of being banned. In fact, on PS3. Words like "remote play" and "latency" tell me that you have to be close to your PS3 to do this? If that's true then there's no point, you can play the games on the PS3 and a big ass TV. However if you're saying you can somehow transfer the game to the Vita and then play the game . May 15,  · Is There Any Hack Or Exploit For PS3 To Vita Remote Play.. (My Psvita: F.W )(My PS3: OFW (Han Exploited)) Is There Anyway To Play More PS3 Titles On Vita Remoteplay?? as i know there are only lower titles which can be played on vita. Jul 07,  · Unfortunately, very few PS3 games actually have the Remote Play feature turned on. The good news is turning it on takes about 30 seconds and is not a complex process. To begin, other than a PS3 console with a Cobra ODE and a PS Vita, you will require one application and a PS3 game not yet processed into an ISO (still in folders). While Remote Play is a major component of the PS4’s architecture, when using the PS Vita and PS3 together, I found that it was hard to find out exactly what games would and wouldn’t work using the PS Vita’s Remote Play function. Feb 08,  · To start playing any of these via remote play, simply insert the disc in your PS3 (unless you own the digital versions) and start the game from your . May 19,  · Remote Play requires some memory/CPU usage from the game-side (on the PS3 anyways), and no dev wanted to give up that small amount of CPU/memory to make their games remote play compatible, especially when we're talking about a console with MB of system RAM. It retained any games supported by PS3 to PSP Remote Play support, including all original PlayStation games, but was again rarely used by actual PS3 games. Only a few games supported it, namely HD Remasters such as The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and the God of War frvi4.netper(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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Prince Kalu , May 15, Defboy says:. I literally cannot find the answer to this question anywhere :? Please Log In to post. I wonder, once they get their gaikai service up and running, if it will come to Vita, as well. PlayStation 3.

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I found it to be quite impressive. Gundemonium Recollection [35]. My Psvita :- F. Saw the Bioshock Infinite one like in April or May. I'm not sure I see what you are afraid of, can you specify? Or you just need to power the ps3 and then it will display on your vita once it was turned on previously?

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Would like to use this as I have a vita but have not really used it much. May 27, New York. Jon says:. Unfortunately, very few PS3 games actually have the Remote Play feature turned on. I would assume that this also depends on the connection. Share This Page Tweet. Nintendo Wii or PS3??

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