ps4 won t play games

ps4 won t play games

Nov 21,  · My Ps4 is terrible and won't play any games:(User Info: 95_Eclipse. 95_Eclipse 5 years ago #1. Every time I put a disc in it, it says it can't read it or some nonsense, my controller won't sync to it either! I just don't get it! Worthless piece of crap:| I should have gotten an XBO frvi4.neting System: PS4. Dec 04,  · PS4 Won’t Read Game Discs? Don’t Give Up. After you remove any fingerprints or small imperfections on the back of the disc, try and play the game again. Still not working? Multiple new PS4 games failing to load? Time to move onto the next option. Tray Errors and Faulty Hardware. Why PS4 won’t play Blu-rays. 1. PS4 won’t play Blu-ray: Encryption key needs to be renewed. An encryption key is a random string of bits, which is created for scrambling and unscrambling data. To play commercial Blu-Ray movies and access some features on Blu-Ray discs, the encryption code is needed/5(13). ps4 wont read disc, just spinning and stops SOLVED! I'm glad it has helped you play your games with such a simple solution. 06/12/ by David. I don't know what's going on. I just recently got a copy of Call of Duty WW2, and I haven't been able to play it because my PS4 won't except the disk, however, if I put in a copy of a game it. Some users have reported difficulty with the PS4 disc player. On occasion, discs refuse to allow themselves to be inserted or ejected from the optical drive. Other times games will bug and load. PS4 Pro won't play all PS4 games at p 60FPS. There's no guarantee that Sony's new high-end PS4 Pro will hit native p 60FPS in every game. By: Derek Strickland | Gaming News Author: Derek Strickland. Aug 02,  · My internet works but can't play any games online. Also I have the ps app on my phone. Won't log in on home Internet but it will connect when I have 4g turned on. I just got a new modem and router last week because of this problem. It was working great and faster. Now can't play any games online. Tried reseting everything, different ports. Aug 31,  · PS4 connected to internet but won't play online submitted 4 years ago by Worsaae So as the titel says: my PS4 is most def connected to the internet (via shared wi-fi by my macbook because I don't own a router), but I am only able to browse the internet, not use any of the other internet based function of the PS4.

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They both started with not reading only 1 disc type and gradually got worse. Thanks so much- this fix is so EASY! Dust, fingerprints, or dirt on the laser lens that is inside the PS4. Just ensure you have a T8 security torx screw driver on hand. Fred jones fjones27 Rep: 25 1. When you just had to sit there and watch TV a cruel thought, indeed. Join Our Newsletter:.

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I exchanged fifa17 for a different copy and the 2nd worked fine, I intend to swap fifa18 for a new copy unless I can get help here. Have a real point please. Plays all existing PS4 games, but not every PS4 game will leverage the new hardware for improved performance. Yep its a common problem with PS4s. It turns on, I go to browser, and all I see is the memory card.

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I can download games from ps store and they work just fine as well its just the new discs that it won't read Can somebody please help me. See Also: PS4 Pro specifications include 4. I've been through 2 PS2s and are on my 3rd. Keep me logged in on this device. Fred jones fjones There are tools available for doing this monthly check-up that we will be covering shortly. I'm having trouble with mine at the moment and it's a new copy of fifa18 it won't read properly. Below I will show you two useful methods.

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