pvr not playing recorded shows

pvr not playing recorded shows

However, the program shows up in the recorded lists at its full duration, 35 minutes, and 35 minutes are taken off the drive status when I delete it. I just can't play back the video when this happens. Several hours later, I went to use the xbmc client to watch the news that had recorded after I did that test of the reset database. The 2 shows that had recorded since the reset did not show up. The only way I could get them to show up was to do another reset of the pvr database. Is that the normal operation? To use DVR features, you of course need a DVR unit, but cable providers very often assess a separate charge for DVR services, meaning that even if you have a DVR, it may not work because you are not signed up for the service. Sep 23,  · As of today my DVR says this when I tried to watch some shows that DID end up getting recorded: "Delay in starting to play the program, please wait". So I kept on trying to watch what I recorded for the last few hours and I still get the same damn message. Aug 04,  · Turns out the recorded shows that say "sorry not subscribed", are on a Joey in the Bedroom. The same shows have no problems playing from the Living Room Hopper. 1 Hopper, 2 Joey set-up, Joeys are linked and have no issues playing back recorded shows, except some movies on channels now unsubscribed to (but they do play on the hopper). Nov 17,  · The reboot did not fix the problem. I turned off the PVR and pulled the power for a bit and plugged it back in. Still not fixed. Recorded tv shows not playing after powe. The Soft DRA. Some shows that are set to record "only new" episodes dont get the "new" tag and the dvr may not know its a new episode. The dvr history would list the date and time of the episode but would say something like "not recorded because the episode is a repeat" for instance.

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Jan 6, 14 of Is there any way Verizon techs could remotely log in and analyse this recording and perhaps spot what might be wrong with it? Thanks, Steve Tyrakowski. Never had it with a series or single show which was scheduled to record. OK here is the database Steve T. Aug 4, 19 of To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Employee Emeritus.

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All you do is reboot it, when the 3 dots disappear, pull the power. It did not record today AND. For now, I just go to the Series Recording and easily bounce to the episode list and manually tag them to record individually. On hold for an hour with tech support. Silver Problem Solver.

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Guess that's why ya need such good On Demand with this system! Jan 1, 3 of I'm always getting "To Be Announced" on all my channels when I go to the guide. If it happens again I will contact you. As many years as cable has been on the air, affordable complete package plans should exist by now. Both shows appeared properly in the Recorded Shows list, but would not play. Again today The View which is on a recurring recording did not record. For now, I just go to the Series Recording and easily bounce to the episode list and manually tag them to record individually. It is the nature of digital cable features that occasionally you will encounter technical problems when trying to use those features.

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