sideline out of bounds plays

sideline out of bounds plays

Baseline and Sideline Out of Bounds Playbook Diagrams Compiled by: David Preheim Assistant Boys Basketball Tea Area High School – Tea, SD Troy Culley -1 can penetrate and kick out to 2 or look inside if the pass to 3 isn't on can also look for 5 on the post seal if the corner 3pt isn't on. The following stack sideline out of bounds play is a simple, yet effective play that can allow your team to easily inbound the ball and immediately create a scoring opportunity. Step 1: The play begins with 4 taking the ball out of bounds. 3, 1, 2 and 5 start across from the ball, lined up in a stack formation. Areas covered include man and zone plays, out-of-bounds plays, endline and sideline sets designed to score under different time situations and end-of-game plays . Sideline Out of Bounds Basketball Plays. Sideline out of bounds basketball plays can be a big part of the game. In the NBA they are used a lot more frequently than they are at the college or high school level, but they are still important at any level. Oct 31,  · This is a simple sideline out-of-bounds play that works surprisingly well. It opens up the court around the basket and often results in lay-ins or dink shots. Personnel Player 1 should be an excellent ball handler, driver, passer, and decision maker. Player 4 should be fast and a good passer. Players 2 and 3 should be good ball handlers. Toronto Raptors - Swirl Cooper Smither 04/10/ The play, which can be initiated from SLOB (Sideline out of Bounds) scenarios or a normal half-court possession, is a set that involves a lot of player and ball movement around a post up. Jun 24,  · Teams typically use a bounce pass for sideline or baseline out-of-bounds plays when passing to a player cutting to the ball or to the basket for a layup. The bounce pass is Author: Kyle Scadlock. The '3 High' sideline out of bounds play is a nice play to utilize when the basketball is taken out at about the free throw line extended or below. When the official hands the basketball to #1, #2 sets up his defender and then cuts hard across the lane to post up and receive the pass.

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Look to score or get directly into an offensive action. The initial cutter can be an option for a layup but the … [Read more This last second sideline out of bounds basketball play was run by the Minnesota Timberwolves in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers on January 20, If this is so poorly played by the defense, a pass could be made here for a shot -- however, the way the defense generally plays it will open up the 3-pointer in the next movement. Having four kids break off the trigger movement doesn't take advantage of what the stack is truly meant for, which is hard screening or brush screening defenders against man. O3 looks to O2 for the first option. Step 2: 4 is looking to get the ball into 1 who is cutting hard to the right. If the backdoor is not available, the point guard receives a dribble handoff DHO from the post player.

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It looks like you can use this against 1V1 and tight man-ups. After passing, O3 goes to the ball-side corner. Sideline Out-Of-Bounds. O5 could even be open for the pass inbounds. Get 3 Free eBooks Now!

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I also need plays to be simple enough for them to remember. Sideline Play, "Box-1" This sideline out-of-bounds play uses a basic box formation diagram A. O2 screens down the same way for O1. The low double screen and three point shot should be utilized at special times, such as to start a half or when a 3-pointer may be needed. If anyone has any really simple, but effective plays, please share! Hey guys. This out of bounds play works well against any zone, but especially against a zone defense.

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