sonos play 1 line out

sonos play 1 line out

I would like to setup two Sonos speakers in my office in a stereo configuration. In addition to listening to music wirelessly, I'd also like to connect the line out from my PC to *both* of the Sonos speakers and play stereo sound from my PC. Line-In Autoplay feature will allow you to automatically play music when a signal is being sent to the Line-In port. Connect the audio line-in cable provided with your Sonos product (or a standard RCA cable) from the Audio out connection(s) on the external source to the analog Audio In connection(s) on the back of your Sonos product. We already have one PLAY:5 and a second could double as part of a stereo pair for instance at a garden party. BUT! I tried it and found that the Sonos system is "clever" enough to recognise that the PLAY:5 uses headphones and thus exclude it from the global volume control. This "feature" makes my smart setup all but useless. Nov 06,  · The Sonos One and Sonos Play:1 are two amazing speakers — neither of which will leave you disappointed when it comes to audio quality. The Sonos One goes above and beyond, however, in that it brings along Alexa support out of the box, Author: Adam Zeis.

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We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. We already have one PLAY:5 and a second could double as part of a stereo pair for instance at a garden party. If it is acceptable to you with your 5, then using other speakers should be fine. No account yet? Uncompressed line-in uses the WAV format which can put a lot of strain on your network if you are in a wireless setup and have a lot of Sonos players. In fact, more than likely it's a hardware restriction.

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Not necessarily. I bought a Play 1 to add up to the system, with the idea that it was more easy to move and to use as a sort of joker. Share Tweet Share Share. Matt Tinsley of Engadget praised the design, functionality and ease of use, but raised concerns of the app and stated that "when you're used to using the volume controls on your Mac or iOS device, it's a little counterintuitive" but concluded that "the Play:1 has a larger-than-life premium sound, considering its size and price point. Since the airplay streaming is still functioning very badly, I really would have hoped to be able to connect my phone or my ipad to the play 1, and move it around where I need it.

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Embed media. I would never use the headphone jack if the quality stayed the same on the other components. Benoit Steiner. Feels like a big waste of a Connect, though. Sometimes the best answer to a to a wireless question is to just run a wire.

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