sonos play 5 vs homepod

sonos play 5 vs homepod

The Play 5 (gen 2) is waaaayyy better than the HomePod. All of this is in my humble opinion:) Very interesting observations and thanks for sharing I have also compared the sonos play 1 vs the Pulse Flex but I was only able to listen to the homepod at the apple store. It did indeed sound like the midrange (vocals) were recessed and kind of. A speaker driver is an individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves. More drivers may result in better sound quality. There is a control panel on the device body, so you can easily access the volume control or remote without having to interact with a cable or another device. Feb 10,  · Single Play:5 vs HomePod (Impressions) submitted 11 Apple and Apple Music users to buy a Play 5 any more. I think the HomePod is better but it's at least as good yet the Play 5 is $ more. Sonos users tend to be Apple users and you can't even use Trueplay except from an Apple device. Alexa integration with Sonosneeds a lot of work and. May 22,  · The vocals also come through more powerful on the Sonos Play 5. This was a disappointing result because I really wanted to love the HomePod. The fact that the Sonos Play 5 sounded better, and the fact that I am a Spotify user, I could not justify keeping the HomePod. I have decided to return the HomePod and keep the Sonos Play 5. Jun 23,  · I have directly compared the play 5 to a HomePod, but not two play play5 and two HomePod in a stereo pair. The play 5 blew the HomePod out of the water. The HomePod has no midrange. My significant other doesn’t know much about audio but she kept asking where the “fullness” was on the HomePod (being accustomed to Sonos). The really cool thing: It analyses the speaker’s surroundings and the music being played to ensure you always hear the HomePod at its best. The surroundings are only analysed when you use the HomePod for the first time or move it to a new position (there are accelerometers to let it know) and, unlike the implementation of something like Sonos, involves no manual measuring on the part of the. Mar 12,  · The HomePod is a little bigger than the Sonos One at inches tall and inches wide, but neither of these speakers are going to take up a lot of room. They’re pretty diddy. The HomePod is almost completely covered by a mesh grille that covers everything but Author: Hugh Langley. In our apartment, we have a B&O system with BeoLab speakers; a Naim mu-so; Bowers & Wilkins MM-1s; and a Sonos Play 5. So the HomePod wasn’t competing against crazy 5-figure audiophile kit Author: Ben Lovejoy.

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The result for me was the two speakers sounded about the same trebles, miss, bass. Voice services I use. Which route do you go? I have the Space Gray one, and it has very neutral, almost anonymous looks. Correction, June 6, a. Big name audio companies have themselves only been offering beam-forming tech for a relatively short time.

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This is a tough one because both these speakers are excellent when performing their primary function - playing music. Streaming music services I use. Help Shortcuts. If you accept you agree to our full cookie policy. Read this: The best Sonos speakers in

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Easy payments. To homepage To homepage. Again, this is what my ears heard in my medium sized living room. Airplay is far better than bluetooth. Washington Post: Yes, the HomePod sounds good. Devices with neodymium magnets are lighter and more powerful than those which use ferrite magnets.

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