teach your cat to play fetch

teach your cat to play fetch

Once your cat gets the hang of fetch, you can progress the game. Grab a friend and sit at opposite ends of a hallway. Put your cat in the middle, and then toss the toy over her head like “Monkey in the Middle,” suggests Moore. It’s a fun way to teach your cat to play with your friends, she says. Once your cat is repeatedly fetching one object, try tossing another toy and use the same verbal cue to entice it to fetch. Ensuring your cat will retrieve a variety of objects is a good way to encourage exercise even if that prized possession gets lost or damaged and needs to be replaced. Apr 11,  · How to Teach Your Cat to Play Fetch. BY Emily Petsko. April 11, So it may come as a surprise to learn that cats can be trained to play fetch, according to Mashable. “If you do it right. Sep 24,  · Believe it or not, you can easily teach your cat to play fetch. It's not a game reserved just for dogs. I've heard people tell me that cats do not play fetch, but I am here to tell you that they love it almost as much as dogs do. They are actually very intelligent animals, and as you may know, they Reviews: May 15,  · If your cat happens to be one who needs greater effort to train, I encourage you to do it. Training your cat to play fetch is worth it. You will also enjoy the process and end result with your cat. So for those of you with cats who don’t just play fetch instinctively, I would like . Apr 07,  · By Julia Williams. Lots of cat owners like to play a rousing game of fetch with their best feline friend. It goes something like this: you throw the toy, your cat dashes after it, pounces on it, plays with it for a nanosecond and then walks away. AKC GoodDog! Helpline Trainer Erin Rakosky tells us how to get any dog interested in picking up and retrieving toys. Fetch is a great game to play with your dog and also a good way to exercise. My Cat Loves to Play Fetch — Does Yours? What started as a fun discovery for my cat, James, has turned into a maniacal routine. See the photos.

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My recommendation is that you keep pushing your cat into the next step and pay attention to how she performs. Click then treat for either of these behaviors your cat offers. Hey cathylynn-Mine still play fetch, but a lot slower, like I am making them perform or something. One of the ways to evaluate this is to move forward. Play fetch right before a meal. Jan 24, 3 Minutes.

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Susan Logan McCracken. You are welcome to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions among yourselves, however Thank you for reading our articles and sharing your thoughts with the pack! Yes No. See the photos. I made a lot of noise with it which really piqued the kitten's attention. Read More.

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After you get your cat to pick up the ball and hold it in her mouth for about 10 seconds, then you can move on to step 6. It was the cutest thing for the first couple of months. For instance, your cat may be most interested in a catnip mouse, a wad of paper, a soft sparkle ball, or even a particular treat. Once she does this, click and give her a treat. And though it is normal for cats to chill during the summer, stopping the game almost completely was not the correct option. Throw the Toy Further Get your cats attention on the cat toy again and throw it a little bit farther this time. Just be patient and keep trying. Figure out what your cat will go after most, then play with that toy.

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