the fourth wise man christmas play

the fourth wise man christmas play

The fourth wise man: A short Christmas play in two acts [Karin Asbrand] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth wise man: A short Christmas play in two acts: Karin Asbrand Author: Karin Asbrand. Other versions. Televised versions of the story also appeared on Kraft Television Theatre in (starring Richard Kiley) and on G.E. True Theater in (starring Harry Townes). A full length (73 minutes) TV movie, titled "The Fourth Wise Man", starring Martin Sheen. Not many people know about the fourth wise man, and how he lost his precious gift for the Savior and replaced it with an even better "gift"! But he means well and has great hope for what Jesus can do for him and the world. This hilarious and heart-warming mini-movie will make a great addition to any service this Christmas season. Watch the video First Christmas: Wise Man. Watch as the Wiseman recounts his journey and the surprise at the end of it all. The Story Of The Fourth Wise Man. Several days later when Artaban arrived at Bethlehem, the streets were deserted. It was rumored that Herod was sending soldiers, presumably to enforce some new tax, and the men of the city had taken their flocks into the hills beyond his reach. The door of . Mar 30,  · Directed by Michael Ray Rhodes. With Martin Sheen, Alan Arkin, Eileen Brennan, Ralph Bellamy. The story of Artaban, the fourth Magi, who spends his life looking for Jesus his King/10(). So I saw the Other Wise Man again and again, travelling from place to place, and searching among the people of the dispersion, with whom the little family from Bethlehem might, perhaps, have found a refuge. He passed through countries where famine lay heavy upon the land, and the poor were crying for bread. The Three Camels. A Christmas or Epiphany Play Introduction. An adaptation of The Three Camels, a Christmas story about the three wise men and their camels: Erin, Nina, and camels asked God to send them on a great adventure and boy did He ever!

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Kraft Theatre. So, one by one, they left the house of Artaban. User Ratings. Director: Michael Ray Rhodes. Category: Nativity Plays. Start your free trial.

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At last she gave a quick breath of anxiety and dismay, and stood stock-still, quivering in every muscle, before a dark object in the shadow of the last palm-tree. No living creature moved on the dumb, swooning earth, but tiny jerboas scuttling through the parched bushes, or lizards vanishing in the clefts of the rock. They continue to busy themselves by cleaning up papers and stacking books. The people of a small village In China have prayed for rain for many years. And now they came to him mysteriously, like a message of despair. Shaking head in disbelief.

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Silence of the Heart TV Movie The venerable man, bending over the rolls of parchment on which the prophecies of Israel were written, read aloud the pathetic words which foretold the sufferings of the promised Messiah--the despised and rejected of men, the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Written by yortsnave. So, farewell. And two of my gifts are gone. It speaks to us of one who is Light and Truth. I have always admired Sheen, and he plays his role magnificently. He wants to hurt Jesus.

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