the killing of sister george play

the killing of sister george play

Sep 12,  · However, her character is to be killed off, and George realises that the only other job she can get is the voice of a cow in a children's tv programme. Her life begins to fall apart as Childie has an affair with a predatory tv producer/10(K). In private life, June Buckridge the actress, is a swaggering, foul-mouthed, alcoholic lesbian in a long-term relationship with waifish Alice "Childie" McNaught. Due to low ratings, cut-backs and June's own bad behavior, the BBC decides to "kill Sister George" on the series. Nov 06,  · W hen Frank Marcus’s The Killing of Sister George opened in , it was a controversial piece. It was one of the first plays to depict a lesbian relationship, and questioned major institutions like the BBC, at a time when they had a special place in 3/5. The Killing of Sister George Setting The living room of June Buckridge's flat in Devonshire Street, London. The Killing of Sister George is a American black comedy film directed by Robert Aldrich and filmed at his Aldrich Studios in Los Angeles. It is based on the play by British playwright Frank Marcus. In the film, an aging lesbian television actress, June "George" Buckridge, simultaneously faces the loss of her popular television role and the breakdown of her long-term relationship with a younger woman. Although Marcus's play Music by: Gerald Fried. "Sister George" is a BBC soap opera character who is "killed off" due to low ratings. The aging actress who portrays Sister George is a lesbian living with a childish middle-aged woman named Childie, who works in a factory when not playing with her doll collection. Kathleen Turner as June Buckridge and Clea Aslip as Childie in a scene from "The Killing of Sister George," at the Long Wharf Theatre through Dec. Author: Lauren Yarger. Sep 12,  · Sexy, "sensitive [and] darkly humorous" (Boxoffice), The Killing of Sister George is a racy romp that's "entertaining" (Leonard Maltin), "explicit and sensational" (Life).June (Reid) is the star of a TV soap opera and she has the ego to prove it/5(34).

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Diana William Beckley We live in an age of Jimmy Saville cover ups and shoddy reporting — as mistrust for the BBC grows, so does the reach of plays like this. Gregory Argall. Leo Lockhart Patricia Medina June, upset, tries to sabotage her fellow actors' performances and to drag out the filming as long as possible; afterward, she finds out that Alice lied to her in order to meet with Mrs Croft.

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Retrieved 20 May Sign in. A Feminine Ending. The Killing of Sister George is a forgotten play that we would do well to remember again. The Sleeping Tiger

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Production Staff Opening Night Cast. A theatre with a small space must make the most of what they have: perhaps using red lighting on June in her rages could have been effective, with blue on Childie, to emphasise the growing gulf between them. The nightclub party sequence was filmed at the Gateways Club , a real-life lesbian nightclub then located in Chelsea. He tracks down the man responsible for the accident and boards the same plane, None of this is delved into in any depth, merely used by June as a means of demeaning Childie. Edit page. At the next script reading, June finds that Sister George has been temporarily written out of the show with an illness, seemingly as punishment for June, and raising the possibility that her character will not recover. View full profile. Directed by Val May.

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